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Project Duration

In Project >> General details, there are 3 fields - Start Date, End Date and Duration. I'm unable to figure out how Duration is being calculated. I used to try and figure out out - accounting for weekends, holidays,...
1 Answer
Kimberly Clapp Last activity on 6/7/2024 2:59:44 PM by Brittany Renn

How can I find where "Notify Other People" is stored in the database?

I'm looking under Projects where there is project-level data, such as "Percent Complete", "Comments", "Notification" and "Notify Other People".
From what I see, it looks like you can make an update to the project, and then add people to 'No...
2 Answers
Kimberly Clapp Last activity on 4/25/2024 5:06:21 PM by Mark Sayers

Time Tracking for Consultants

Is it possible for an admin to enter actual hours on a project for an external resource? Resource cost is tied to the resource but we use many consultants & it doesn't make sense to provide access & train all of them. However we do need t...
1 Answer
Kristen Carter Last activity on 8/10/2023 9:35:34 AM by Brittany Renn

When a predecessor task closes earlier than its end date will the dependent tasks' start dates move forward to start earlier?

I have 2 tasks.
One is a predecessor to the other.
If the first one ends prior to its end date will the second task's start date move forward to allow it start earlier?
Is it possible to make this happen automatically?
1 Answer
Jeffrey Wormley Last activity on 8/1/2023 2:45:48 PM by Mark Sayers

Do Waterfall Tasks show in the My Tasks report

We've had some users add the default My Task report in the projects app to their desktop. This is the one delivered with TDX. They have noticed that their waterfall tasks are not showing, only cardwall tasks. But in the My Tasks Summary Chart,...
1 Answer
Bill Harlan Last activity on 1/6/2023 9:49:57 AM by Mark Sayers

Portfolio Planning - Project Request Email Reply

Good morning:
I wanted to ask if there is a way to create and/or edit project request email responses? We would want clients to receive an email confirmation when project requests are submitted, canceled, approved, and converted to projects, ...
2 Answers
Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 11/8/2022 3:48:09 PM by Brittany Renn

Question Around Roadmap Functionality for Projects and Workflows for Project Closeouts

I have 2 questions, first is around roadmap functionality for projects. We currently have a separate project plan that we created and insert all of our projects, with time lines, into this to display a makeshift roadmap.
1) Is there an automa...
1 Answer
Robert Childs Last activity on 6/22/2022 11:36:46 AM by Mark Sayers