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Deleting a User from a List in iPaaS

Hello, I have two lists of users, list A and list B. Currently I have a for each loop that will go through each user in list B and check to see if the user is in list A. If the user is not in list A, then the user is deleted from list B which is ...
1 Answer
Jennifer Jennings Last activity on 11/14/2023 11:18:29 AM by Jennifer Jennings

iPaaS API for Portfolio Planning

Hi, I am trying to set up some flows that can retrieve data about Projects from Portfolio Planning. Is there an API for Portfolio Planning that can interact with Scorecards or it is part of another API? If not, what are some ideas on accessing ...
1 Answer
James Cherry Last activity on 11/14/2023 9:18:24 AM by Mark Sayers

iPaaS Form List Box Choice Order

I have an iPaaS form with a List Box element. In the designer, I have the choices in a particular order, but when I load the preview or send the form link through an email, the choices are arranged in alphabetical order. Is there a way to overrid...
1 Answer
Isaac Ramirez Last activity on 11/6/2023 2:26:10 PM by Mark Sayers

iPaaS: Searching for technicians and updating an attribute

I want to search for people who are responsible for tickets and update a custom attribute for them.
There does not appear to be a way to find people with a technician's license. Right now, I'm using a search users by group, but it's imperfect...
2 Answers
David Tod Last activity on 10/26/2023 4:31:18 PM by David Tod

In iPaaS flow calling PS to run Executable on proxy server, how to capture exit code

We are using a PowerShell script in an iPaaS flow to call an executable file on the Proxy server, but have so far been unsuccessful in capturing the console app's Exit Code. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
1 Answer
Will Tonkin Last activity on 9/8/2023 2:55:45 PM by Mark Sayers

in iPaaS how do I call an Executable file on the proxy server from a flow

I need to be able to in iPaaS call an Executable file on the proxy server from a flow. Could you please provide an example?
1 Answer
Will Tonkin Last activity on 9/8/2023 2:13:31 PM by Will Tonkin

iPaaS Email html stripping name attribute

I have a flow that sends an email via notify using standard SMTP. The input html contains:
<a name="test" id="test">test</a>
but when it is sent, the name attribute is stripped. Why?
1 Answer
David Tod Last activity on 9/8/2023 1:26:57 PM by Brittany Renn

iPaaS Forms Custom Field Actions and Conditions

Would it be possible to expose the actions and conditions for the custom type field in iPaaS forms? I am trying to show a list of software from our inventory that is available to users and have it load the data from the flow on initialization. Th...
1 Answer
Tyler Steele Last activity on 8/22/2023 1:46:35 PM by Brittany Renn

Retrieve uploaded file content in an iPaaS flow.

How can the content of an uploaded file be read and set as the value for a property in an iPaaS flow?
2 Answers
Gregory Baboolal Last activity on 7/26/2023 9:07:33 AM by Mark Sayers

API / iPaaS for adding to my work/accomplishments

Is there an API or method for this in iPaas?
2 Answers
David Tod Last activity on 6/22/2023 6:08:55 PM by David Tod

iPaaS API endpoint data

Is there a way for an API endpoint to return something other than JSON? It seems like even if you return a different form of data, the data itself is part of a JSON object.
1 Answer
David Tod Last activity on 6/2/2023 12:48:07 PM by David Tod

TDX iPaaS Response Body Customization

I am attempting to utilize a Webhook to trigger an iPaaS flow that has a very strict json schema structure of what the response body should look like. I know currently the default response data is being stored in the {Data} object but I would lik...
2 Answers
Nic Hayes Last activity on 6/2/2023 12:53:15 PM by David Tod

iPaaS Flow Variable reference in SET FROM JSON Script

We have a flow with a "Set [ ] from Json" steps, and then inside the Script it makes a reference like:
var data = $ds$360;

How do we associate a specific parameter/variable or know what parameter/variable is referenced to $d2$...
1 Answer
Will Tonkin Last activity on 5/17/2023 11:32:39 AM by Mark Sayers

iPaas Removing Duplicates

What is the best way to remove duplicates in an iPaaS table? I pulled all of the ticket types and categories. I have a list of the categories that includes duplicates that I would like to remove.
1 Answer
Tyler Steele Last activity on 4/20/2023 2:30:16 PM by Mark Sayers

iPaaS Notification Providers and Metered Flows

If we set up a notification provider in iPaaS that posts a Slack message for example, would that count towards our number of metered flows? If so, would it count as one, or would each flow that we use it in for notifications count against...
1 Answer
Isaac Ramirez Last activity on 4/17/2023 4:15:16 PM by Michael Ligouri

iPaaS form not submitting

I'm sure this is something simple, but I have an iPaaS form with a submit button, but it's not submitting. Any ideas?
1 Answer
David Tod Last activity on 3/3/2023 9:04:15 AM by Mark Sayers

iPaaS List question

When filling a list in iPaaS using "Split from" option, do you know a way to do "this or that"? For example, I have an iPaaS form which allows using comma or semicolon per each item, I want to be able to account for the users choice so...
1 Answer
David Mitchell Last activity on 12/5/2022 2:12:36 PM by Mark Medaugh

Is there a way to "reset" a ComboBox in iPaaS forms that is initially populated from a Flow?

This might be getting too far into the weeds, but I'll try to be clear just in case:
We have an iPaaS form that, upon initialization, a comboBox's choices are populated from a flow. Later on in the form, we have a button that acts as a page r...
1 Answer
Jason Pelletier Last activity on 11/30/2022 8:22:46 AM by Carrie Willis

iPaaS: Enabling SSO

I am preparing to enable SSO for iPaaS Forms. Before doing so, I need to enable SSO Authentication for iPaaS. When configuring SSO Authentication for iPaaS, will this cause any disruption with existing flows?
1 Answer
Tyler Duncan Last activity on 11/4/2022 9:53:22 AM by Mark Sayers

iPaaS: Missing Navigation

I am trying walk-thru the SAML metadata import and notice in the first step to navigate to Configuration, but this option does not appear. Could it be that I am missing a security role?
1 Answer
Tyler Duncan Last activity on 11/3/2022 1:44:34 PM by Carrie Willis

Configure Canvas iPaaS Connector

I am testing out the canvas connector using a token. The connector is running into an issue with the authentication. I have changed the domain and changed the authentication to accept a generic API Key, but luck.
3 Answers
Tyler Duncan Last activity on 5/18/2023 9:51:20 AM by Andrey Little

In iPaaS, with Forms, is there yet a way to dynamically show / change images?

I think the answer is no, but with iPaaS forms, we can add images to a form, but they're static. Is there a way I could take an image that might be attached to an object, like an asset, and show that image in line on the form? From what I've trie...
3 Answers
Jason Pelletier Last activity on 10/27/2022 4:29:15 PM by Mark Sayers

Capturing Proxy Errors for Powershell connector

I'm fairly new to this so I'm hoping I'm just missing something simple here. What are the best practices for working with Powershell connector errors that come from "Proxy Error: System.Management.Automation.RemoteException". Normally ...
1 Answer
William Fricke Last activity on 10/6/2022 10:59:59 AM by Mark Sayers

Add a profile picture to a user of type service account?

Is there a way to add a profile picture to a service account?
There isn't an option to add a profile picture to a service account from within the admin user settings for a specific service account. I attempted to get around this by converting...
1 Answer
Greg Benn Last activity on 9/16/2022 4:28:06 PM by Mark Sayers

Passing Parameter from TDX Workflow to iPaas Flow using Arguments JSON

The KB article Article - TeamDynamix iPaaS Step mentions the abiliity to Send parameter data through the Arguments JSON section of the workflow step. I have not been able to find any information about how to do this in the KB.
The TDX workf...
2 Answers
Will Tonkin Last activity on 8/14/2023 9:40:02 AM by David Tod