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Report: Status vs Status Class

When doing a report for closed and resolved tickets, does it matter which one I use? Do I need to include both?
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Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 4/10/2024 9:06:55 AM by Michael Rodriguez

Teamdynamix LMS

Would you please resend the link for the Learning Management System--I seemed to have lost it and cannot find it anywhere. I have an account setup but cannot find the login site.
Thank you.
1 Answer
Sharon Jarmoc Last activity on 4/11/2024 9:41:27 AM by Mark Sayers

Workflow Help

I have an onboarding workflow that has multiple conditions with steps. I have built this in a single workflow, but it is very busy. I am concerned if there needs to be an edit it will be challenging to figure out each later. Is there a way to cre...
1 Answer
Lorin Green Last activity on 4/10/2024 4:25:50 PM by Mark Sayers

Project Request Actual Hours vs Project Actual Hours

We want to start tracking the actual hours being spent during our intake assessment on project requests, but in testing it seems any hours tracked while the project is in request status stay with the project when it moves to being an acti...
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Kim Rathbone Last activity on 4/10/2024 2:52:10 PM by Mark Sayers

Ticket report for any modifications after certain status

Is there a way to create a ticket report to capture any modifications to a ticket after it has reached a particular status?
1 Answer
Tanner Grubbs Last activity on 4/10/2024 1:26:53 PM by Brittany Renn

Clickable asset tag in tickets

We have clickable asset tag links when you view assets under a person. But we also have the asset tag showing in a ticket when a user provides it. Is there any way to make that user provided asset tag clickable and go to the corresponding asset p...
2 Answers
Matt Cook Last activity on 4/10/2024 12:54:26 PM by Matt Cook

Ticket re-open process

I have my settings for ticket replies on a resolved ticket to re-open for the first 5 days. So after those days it will create a new ticket.
My question, shouldn't it pass through the attachments as well as the description? The requestor rep...
1 Answer
Justin Goode Last activity on 4/9/2024 4:53:20 PM by Mark Sayers

Switching project type or project template halfway through a project

We've set up various project types and templates for our organization. Sometimes, we might need to switch the type or template while a project is ongoing. I know we can override settings from a template, which seems fine (applying another...
1 Answer
Constantin de Boisseson Last activity on 4/9/2024 2:22:30 PM by Mark Sayers

Linking a cardwall plan to a task in a waterfall plan

We want to run hybrid projects with a high-level waterfall plan and sprints that require individual cardwall plans. Ideally, when we select a task 9sprint) in the waterfall plan, it would link directly to a new card wall for that sprint. ...
1 Answer
Constantin de Boisseson Last activity on 4/9/2024 1:37:06 PM by Brittany Renn

KB Suggestions

Is there a way when a client is submitting a ticket for a specific service for the system to "suggest" KB articles that might solve the issue?
1 Answer
Navjot Bhatoa Last activity on 4/9/2024 11:55:49 AM by Mark Sayers

Traversing the Asset Tree

I'm looking into the possibility of using the WebAPI to traverse an Asset's relationship tree, specifically between itself and other assets
Based on my research, it is not possible to see or edit relationships between assets using the WebAPI....
1 Answer
Harrison Fleisher Last activity on 4/8/2024 4:41:59 PM by Mark Sayers

Reminder for upcoming Due Date

Hi all,
Can TDx send notifications to prime responsible of a ticket a set time ahead of a due date? This is so people are notified, let's say, 3 days prior to a due date.
1 Answer
Damon Stennett Last activity on 4/8/2024 4:38:10 PM by Mark Sayers

Report on reassigned/transferred tickets.

Hello all!
I have been asked if a report could be created for tickets a particular group has reassigned to others. I took a looks at the filtering list for a ticket report, and nothing jumped out. Does anyone know if this can be done?
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 4/8/2024 1:45:09 PM by Brittany Renn

SmartSheet IPaaS Authentication

It appears that the only way to create a Credential into the SmartSheet Connector is through a Secret/ID Pair:

However, our Smartsheet instance only provides a Token. Is there an authentication method for Smartsheet that can use a "har...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 4/11/2024 10:29:26 AM by Mark Medaugh

Filter on task responsible person group

What filter can I use to show a task's group responsibility when the task is assigned to a person? For example, a task is created for the Business Services group. Then, a member of the Business Services group takes the task. The task resp changes...
1 Answer
John Anderson Last activity on 4/5/2024 4:27:37 PM by Mark Sayers

Accessing Web Service Step Response Variables in a Notification Step in a Workflow

Hi there,
Is it possible to access a web services step stored response variable in a notification step for a workflow?
For example, I am pulling the assets assigned to tickets in a web services step and storing the response body in a vari...
1 Answer
Emiko Bell Last activity on 4/5/2024 1:31:48 PM by Mark Sayers

Adding links to Desktops

Good Afternoon,
I am in the process of creating a 'one stop shop' for our student help desk staff in a TD desktop. I've pulled in everything I am looking for so far successfully. One question I have that I can't get to seem to work as expec...
2 Answers
Randi Buckley Last activity on 4/5/2024 1:11:32 PM by David Tod

Groups showing all tickets

I have noticed that some Accounts/Groups when looking at Ticket Request on the Client Portal. Can view all tickets for that group, regardless of being a contact on that request or not. While there are some Accounts\Groups that can only see the re...
1 Answer
Keyon Farrier Last activity on 4/5/2024 1:08:10 PM by Brittany Renn

Asset Import and Protected Fields

I am trying to mass upload some assets. I have a protected attributes labeled "License Key". When I try to upload the import spreadsheet, it does not give me the option to map the license key column to the "License Key" attribute. It doesn't even...
1 Answer
Zack Cameron Last activity on 4/5/2024 9:34:33 AM by Mark Sayers

Need updated API for Assets and CIs sandbox connector for TDX

Hi Team,
I have a query in iPaaS, I am trying to implement automation of warranty date from dell warranty site and update in asset details where I am finding it difficult to add this particular detail only rather than editing all other values...
2 Answers
Bhanu Prakash Reddy Baddam Last activity on 4/4/2024 2:31:01 PM by Bhanu Prakash Reddy Baddam

QR code in Ipaas

Hi wanted to know if there is a way I can use a template that generates a qr code from html to grab a url from a textbox element on a form to produce the qr code from that url.
2 Answers
Matt Hoadley-Jager Last activity on 4/4/2024 11:30:30 AM by Matt Hoadley-Jager

Testing new asset app only shows 300 items

I have imported 900 items into a new asset app. When clicking assets to view all, it only lists (300). I tried searching and it seems all are in there. Any idea why it only lists 300 max, and what is the best way to get a view of all assets?
1 Answer
Matt Cook Last activity on 4/3/2024 4:07:27 PM by Mark Sayers

Adding a Hyperlink to Help Text

I am attempting to try and add a hyperlink to an attributes help text? Is there an easy way to do this? I am unable to find any options?
1 Answer
Chrissie Kenny Last activity on 4/3/2024 2:29:01 PM by Mark Sayers

Edit Standard Field Setting

We recently went in and created ~120 forms using a template form. I only just realized that a couple of the fields in the template form had custom help text assigned to them. These fields are standard fields in TDX such as Acct/Dept an...
1 Answer
Riley Fay Last activity on 4/3/2024 10:57:54 AM by Brittany Renn

Adding a Plan to a Project Request

I would like to add a Plan to a Project Request. When I go to Admin>Portfolio Planning>Types>Type>Project Sections and try to add the Plan Section to the Type it is grayed out and will not let me check the box. What am I missing?
1 Answer
Jeffrey Wormley Last activity on 4/3/2024 1:58:16 PM by Mark Sayers

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