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iPaaS Form Respondent Data

Does the form link contain information about who the expected respondent is?
I have a flow that sends a form link. One run sent it to a distribution group. The respondent information had the distribution group name and email rather than the i...
1 Answer
David Gillespie Last activity on 5/22/2024 3:42:44 PM by Mark Sayers

Date/Time Picker in Card Wall?

Is there not a date/time picker when using the card wall? Do I have to type in the date on the Start/End attribute?
1 Answer
Zack Cameron Last activity on 5/21/2024 4:57:00 PM by Brittany Renn

iPaaS: What flow(s) call this flow?

Is there a simple way to determine which flow(s) are calling a given flow? I have a utility flow and I want to see where it's being called from.
1 Answer
Patrick LaFollette Last activity on 5/21/2024 3:56:46 PM by Mark Sayers

IIQ Connector

Hi there,
We are transitioning our account management to SailPoint IIQ and I am wondering what, if any, connectors exist to for TDx.
1 Answer
Damon Stennett Last activity on 5/21/2024 2:36:45 PM by Mark Sayers

Workflow approver

Is there a way to use an email provided by a requester in a form to then use that email/person as an approver in a step in a workflow? If it cannot be done via the field is there a way for some one to add it manually during the workflo...
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 5/21/2024 9:07:53 AM by Mark Sayers

How to activate the Analysis Application

During my training, Analysis was demoed as part of the training.
When I go to my TDNext desktop, Analysis is not one of the tabs that appears.
I want to configure Portfolios and Programs in my PPM, but cannot do so until I am able to acce...
1 Answer
Timothy Mellin Last activity on 5/21/2024 9:03:09 AM by Mark Sayers

Company = Organization?

TeamDynamix.Api.Users.User.Company The company of the user.

Is "Company" the same as "Organization"?
2 Answers
Scott Cory Last activity on 5/20/2024 7:08:16 PM by Scott Cory

Assigning a ticket to the CI owner group

Here's what we're trying to do:
The user fills in a form and selects the appropriate Application Configuration Item (CI). The Application CI has an assigned owner group. Assign responsibility for the ticket to the owner group.
It seems th...
1 Answer
Steve Cade Last activity on 5/20/2024 4:46:42 PM by Mark Sayers

iPaaS Flow Timeout

I have recently created my first iPaaS Flow. It waits for a device to be enrolled into JAMF (our Mac management system), and then fills in required fields in JAMF. Because this involves waiting for an end-user to enroll their device, I have put a...
1 Answer
Jason Shirley Last activity on 5/21/2024 6:12:37 PM by Michael Ligouri

Report of Approvals in Workflow Approval Step

Hello, and happy Monday!
I was wondering if there is a way to get a report of approval statuses for a specific Workflow Approval Step? We are trying to find out if these requests are always getting approved, and maybe we could remove the app...
1 Answer
Matt Angel Last activity on 5/20/2024 10:23:57 AM by Mark Sayers

Different Result Forms for Similar iPaaS Expressions

I was testing a flow in iPaaS recently and found that if I set a property value by selecting a row in a data model array using the Find In expression, the result was an integer, however, if I set the same property using the Get In expression with...
1 Answer
Corrine Knox Last activity on 5/17/2024 4:03:43 PM by Mark Sayers

5/16/24: PPM Advisory Group - Tickets to Projects Recording

Good afternoon,
The May 16, 2024 PPM Advisory Group meeting contained very helpful information regarding converting tickets to projects. I saw the meeting was being recorded. Can I be sent a link or instructions on how to access the meeting r...
1 Answer
Daniel Keenan Last activity on 5/17/2024 4:36:04 PM by Matthew Logering

Mobile app

Could someone direct me to instructions on registering the mobile app? Thank you!
1 Answer
Mike Pifher Last activity on 5/16/2024 12:14:42 PM by Mark Sayers


Are service and category shortcuts subject to automation rules?
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 5/16/2024 10:24:50 AM by Mark Sayers

Ticket TIme Creation Report

Is it possible to create a ticket report that shows how many tickets are created an hour?
1 Answer
Alex Oquendo Last activity on 5/15/2024 12:01:01 PM by Mark Sayers

Project Parking Lot

What are the various ways to show project ideas or projects that have not started, or projects that need to be put in a parking lot for review later.
The portfolio planning functionality from what i can see is really just an approval process ...
1 Answer
Andrew Martin Last activity on 5/21/2024 11:57:59 AM by Mark Sayers

Portfolio/Program Gantt Sort Order

What is the sort order for the Gantt chart that is viewable in the analysis tab in a portfolio or program. Is it alphabetical, first in first listed, random? Is this something we can control?
1 Answer
Andrew Martin Last activity on 5/15/2024 10:51:45 AM by Mark Sayers

TeamDynamix Mobile App

Good Morning, I am trying to setup the mobile app for Team Dynamix but in the instructions it states to
Open the Downloads application and select TeamDynamix Mobile. Use the mobile device's camera to scan the Register the Mobile App ...
1 Answer
Ryan Turner Last activity on 5/15/2024 10:45:13 AM by Mark Sayers

Assign Tasks to Workspace Members

Members within my workspace in TDX are not able to assign themselves to tickets or tasks that are in the workspace. They *can* assign tasks/tickets within the workspace, but not to themselves or other members of the workspace, only members of the...
1 Answer
Naseem Benjelloun Last activity on 5/15/2024 9:19:26 AM by Mark Sayers

Accessing Nested Values from JSON Objects

So I'm retrieving a JSON object with nested data via a GET call using the Smartsheets API. I'm able to retrieve the sheet's data, however I'm unable to find a way to access and parse through the data in IPAAS. For example, I can set a property eq...
1 Answer
Connor Caddell Last activity on 5/14/2024 3:59:16 PM by Mark Sayers

Asset/CI Relationship Reporting

Is there any way to include relationships between CIs or Assets in a report? I see a filter for "Associated Asset/CI" but it is missing from the column choices. Hoping there might be a workaround if not.
2 Answers
Bret Swart Last activity on 5/14/2024 9:35:52 AM by Bret Swart

Project Status Spreadsheet

New and green with TDX, bear with me. I am trying to determine if TDX is what we need.
We want to have a project list spreadsheet for a high level status. It will have few columns like Start Date, Systems Analyst, Title, Stake Holders, Priori...
2 Answers
Teodora Vaneva Last activity on 5/14/2024 1:12:33 PM by Teodora Vaneva

lssue with user sign in

We recently hired a student that just graduated from our school. His student account in Team Dynamix appears to have been merged with his newly created employee account, and he cannot access TDNext. We have ensured that the has the same access ro...
1 Answer
Ryan Folks Last activity on 5/14/2024 10:55:22 AM by Ryan Folks

Teamdynamix Mobile App

I am trying to find the Teamdynamix Instance ID or Registration Link to utilize the mobile app that is on the App Store, but I am unable to find documentation or information regarding this. I am one of the TDX Administrators at my University.
1 Answer
Caleb Whitlow Last activity on 5/14/2024 12:23:47 PM by Mark Sayers

Wildcard Certificate

We are using SSO with TD. Do we still need to update our wildcard certificate when they expire?
1 Answer
Alex Oquendo Last activity on 5/13/2024 1:14:10 PM by Mark Sayers

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