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Is it possible to see attachments in TDMobile?

is it possible to see attachments in TDMobile? If this is not true am I missing a setting to update so that attachments can be seen in ticket while in TDMobile? If not should I put this in as a feature request? Is the only work around to move t...
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James Tiggett III Last activity on 5/18/2023 9:57:13 AM by Mark Sayers

Adding Files to Closed Projects

Is there a way to add files to a closed project in TDNext or TDAdmin? I have checked the Files tab and there does not seem to be an option to add files there. The Briefcase tab is absent on the project in question.
Thank you.
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Anderson Hanchett Last activity on 2/15/2023 2:16:50 PM by Mark Sayers

Adding attachment by attachment id

Uploading attachments via the API or with iPaas only permits attachments smaller than 5mb. We have some attachments that are put on a ticket by an email monitor and want to put those same attachments on other tickets. Is there someway we can add ...
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Braden Hansen Last activity on 5/20/2022 1:08:59 PM by Mark Sayers

Audit Log for Viewing Attachments on Tickets

As our organization uses TDX with ePHI bound by HIPAA, we have several protected attributes that we use. But attachments don't seem to have any protection functionality. Is there a way to audit in TDX who viewed or downloaded an attach...
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Anthony Nave Last activity on 3/23/2022 9:36:21 AM by Mark Sayers

Retaining PDF Edits on Attachments to Tickets

Hello TDX Community - I am hoping you can provide some advice on how to retain PDF Edits to attachments on Tickets.
Scenario - We have a Form for our Procurement department in which we are routing contracts for review and approval through TDX...
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Nick Pearson Last activity on 3/8/2022 5:47:15 PM by Bobby Jones

Viewing ticket attachments

I have a user with an enterprise license, who is unable to open attachments on a ticket. I have looked at the security roles and I do not see anything regarding this.
Where can I find this in security roles?
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Mathew Chandler Last activity on 11/10/2021 1:34:09 PM by Mark Sayers

Email monitor attachment error

I'm seeing an error in an email monitor that I'm not sure how to decipher. The attachment is a 1M, 500+ page PDF. Other attachments seem to be processing fine. This issue has only been happening the past couple of weeks. Would this ...
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Pamela Jordan Last activity on 10/22/2021 11:21:54 AM by Mark Sayers

including KB articles in default ticket notifications

Is there a way to get the default system ticket notifications to include any attached KB articles? Seems like it would be extra work to attach them separately and send the user a separate notification. Since KB articles can be linked by default i...
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Becky Klein Last activity on 3/10/2020 12:39:02 PM by Mark Sayers

Ticket Attachments?

where do ticket attachments go in a file folder?
Are the attachments deleted when a ticket is moved to another applications?
can they be recoved if they were not downloaded before being moved to another application?
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Kevin Cook Last activity on 11/22/2019 1:34:28 PM by Mark Sayers

Sensitve Data on Attachment

I am building out some forms for administrative processing, and one policy requirement is that the customer attach a document with sensitive data to the cooresponding form.
I was looking for clarification as to the level of sec...
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Nick Durr Last activity on 8/7/2019 2:15:49 PM by Marcus Demas

ticket templates and attachments

We use ticket templates and scheduled tickets in combination to automatically generate tickets. As part of this process, when I create the ticket template, I would like to attach an Excel file that has further detail. There are a few columns and ...
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Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 2/5/2018 1:57:00 PM by Mark Sayers

Cascading Attributes and Attachments: Attribute Type

Based on the answer to a previous response on a form, I'd like to have the requestor attach a file to the service request. I don't think I can use the out-of-the-box attribute called "attachment" because I cannot use that in cascading. ...
1 Answer
Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 12/13/2017 11:37:30 AM by Mark Sayers

File Attachment Issue

I am unable to attach large files. It appears that files under 30M can be attached but when I attempt to attach larger files I receive a 404 error (File or directory can not be found).

I've attached my notes based on what I was told to do a ...
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Bill Campbell Last activity on 10/11/2016 9:28:43 AM by Mark Sayers

Local File Share Integration

Is there a safe method to integrate a local domain-based fileshare system into TeamDynamix such as via WebDAV or URI's? We understand Briefcase/Attachment Integration and we have OneDrive for Business turned on, however we would like to leverage...
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Jimmy Young Last activity on 9/22/2016 2:07:58 PM by Mark Sayers

As an Installed customer - Where is the setting that would allow for larger attachments on tickets?

I have an employee that is trying to upload a large attachments to a ticket.
Where is the setting that would allow for larger attachments?

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Kevin Cook Last activity on 9/9/2016 3:05:53 PM by Kevin Cook

How to search for only tickets with attachments

Is there a way to search only for tickets with attachments? I don't see a filtering option that would refer to attachments existing on a ticket.
David Durling
1 Answer
David Durling Last activity on 3/25/2016 9:54:31 AM by Mark Sayers

Is there a way to have the Resp Group notified when an attachment is added to a ticket?

If a requestor or technician adds an attachment, I don't see a way to make it alert the group of that. I tried selecting "Notify primary reviewer and others of new/edited tickets? " on the ticket type, but that seems to have no effect....
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David Durling Last activity on 12/2/2015 1:20:02 PM by Mark Sayers