Tasks from one application to another AND maintain security privacy

We have a request to assign a task across different applications.
HR and IT have different applications. Neither HR nor IT have access to the other application to work tickets. This is to ensure data security and privacy on ...
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Kelson ONeil Last activity on 7/12/2024 5:14:44 PM by Kelson ONeil

Add Customer's Supervisor as Contact Automatically

Is there a way to automatically add a customer's supervisor as a contact on the ticket? i.e. if John Doe submits a ticket and his supervisor is Jane Doe, we want to have Jane automatically added as a ticket contact when John puts in the ticket. I...
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Jonathon Eller Last activity on 7/12/2024 3:47:26 PM by Brittany Renn

Web Services - Update Asset information on a Loaner Process

We are working on a loaner process and want to setup a web service for the work flow to update the asset owner and status after the asset is assigned to the ticket.
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Tabitha Logemann Last activity on 7/12/2024 2:29:28 PM by Brittany Renn

Choice Field Custom Attribute in body of Create Second Ticket Web Service Method Autopopulate from original ticket.

Good Morning again, and hopefully the last time for a while,

In the Create Second Ticket Web Service method, I want to pull a custom attribute choice field filled out by the end user over to the new ticket.
Ex. I have a drop down Ch...
1 Answer
Irene Muller Last activity on 7/11/2024 4:16:32 PM by Brittany Renn

Creating Custom Connector Post Actions

Hello. I am creating a custom connector to a set of API endpoints that works with XML and not JSON. I have successfully created GET actions with query strings, but am having difficulty creating a POST with a Request Body Data Type. I have cr...
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Tevis Boulware Last activity on 7/11/2024 1:45:58 PM by Tevis Boulware

Project resource allocation and time off

In our project plans we have tasks that run for multiple weeks (ex. July 1 - September 15). When an assigned resource also takes vacation time during that period, they now show as over allocated. Is there a way to modify the project task ...
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Kim Rathbone Last activity on 7/11/2024 1:10:31 PM by Kim Rathbone

iPaas SQL Query Timeout

I have several long running queries that are timing out pulling data back to my iPaas flows. I have updated the connection timeout in the connection string for MS SQL to 60 seconds and I have reviewed the configuration of the SQL server and veri...
0 Answers
Michael Olson Last activity on 7/10/2024 9:22:23 PM by Michael Olson

Service Portal Application not being added

Please see the rather rambling explanation below, but I am creating a new user (in the Sandbox) and trying to add a second enterprise service portal application. However, while the generated JSON looks correct, the newly created user is not assi...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 7/10/2024 2:07:47 PM by Tevis Boulware

HMAC SHA1 in Webhooks

Is there anything besides the secret and the payload needed as inputs to generate the x-tdx-signature hash?
This is the only documentation that I could find, "X-Tdx-Signature: An SHA-1 HMAC hash of the payload using the Secret field in the we...
0 Answers
Bobby Jones Last activity on 7/10/2024 12:20:09 PM by Bobby Jones

Team Dynamix App

Do we have access to use the Mobile APP currently? I read that only certain people will be able to use the app at this time. I am checking to see if we are those certain people here a PVAMU Texas A & M that have access. If so how do we get ...
1 Answer
Matthew Thompson Last activity on 7/10/2024 11:44:06 AM by Mark Sayers

Calling Oracle DB Stored Procedures with Parameters in iPaaS

I am trying to call a stored procedure in iPaaS using a connector for Oracle DB. I can successfully execute a procedure without parameters, but I encounter issues when attempting to call a procedure with parameters. Could anyone provide m...
1 Answer
Waheed Barakzai Last activity on 7/10/2024 10:16:13 AM by Mark Sayers

How do I Change Responsible on Second ticket created in a workflow but not the original?

Good Morning Again ( I assume Mark and Brittany will respond, to which I say Hello!),
Day 3 of working with Web service methods and Workflows and I have a new question. I have a workflow web service method that creates a second ticket. I'd li...
1 Answer
Irene Muller Last activity on 7/10/2024 10:12:37 AM by Mark Sayers

Automatically assign workflow to reassigned tickets?

Good Afternoon:
Is there a way to Automatically assign a workflow to reassigned tickets?

We have an automation rule that applies a workflow to all (new) tickets from one part of our service catalog (Enterprise Operations) to two people who...
1 Answer
Scott Pignatelli Last activity on 7/9/2024 4:03:20 PM by Mark Sayers

Missing Project Request in Portfolio Planning Workflow

A recently received project request that was returned to the requester for additional information is now missing from the "Project Request Reports - Not Submitted Request" workflow.
While the project request can still be found by searching us...
1 Answer
Ida Jones Last activity on 7/9/2024 2:44:12 PM by Mark Sayers

Using Forms to Collect and Work with Expenses

We are introducing TDX to our Creative Services department. They charge to either departmental cost center or by credit card. We'd like to be able to take the items they checked off and total up an amount to charge. Are such calculations possi...
1 Answer
Sheila McBride Last activity on 7/9/2024 2:18:39 PM by Mark Sayers

Web Service Methods, Date Field Parameter for Second Ticket

I am working on a work flow that will create tickets based off of information in the original ticket. One of the fields that i would like to be brought over to the new tickets from the original ticket is the "Employee Start Date". However when I ...
1 Answer
Irene Muller Last activity on 7/9/2024 11:51:55 AM by Mark Sayers

IPaaS Administrator Cannot See Applications

Hello, I have a new IPaaS user who is a system administrator with full rights, including all application rights. However, they only see a limited number of existing applications. I followed the KB Creating and Managing Applications , but ther...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 7/9/2024 10:20:54 AM by Mark Sayers

Static Field Dependency

Hi Brittany,
I saw your answer to the question here; . It's a good solution, but I wanted to include a link to an image. Any thoughts?
1 Answer
Sheila McBride Last activity on 7/9/2024 9:49:55 AM by Mark Sayers

Printing Multiple Tickets from a Ticketing App at Once

Is it possible to select multiple tickets and print them all at once without having to click into each one independently?
1 Answer
Casey Thrasher Last activity on 7/8/2024 4:46:47 PM by Mark Sayers

Backlog Manager access for project resources

Hi team,

Should resources on a project be able to access the Backlog Manager tab in the Projects app and add or remove cardwalls, move cards between cardwalls, etc.? Or are project managers the only ones who can view or use the Backlog ...
1 Answer
Constantin de Boisseson Last activity on 7/8/2024 2:57:33 PM by Mark Sayers

Patch people Custom attribute value

I have a custom Yes/No attribute created for the User profile. By default attribute do not have any value and attribute is not shown in API response when it is null.
I am trying to replace the custom attribute value using the following api. ...
1 Answer
Rakesh Gunnam Last activity on 7/8/2024 1:54:02 PM by Mark Sayers

iPaaS - date/time expression help

I am currently working on the 'TDX Tickets: Create New Ticket' section of my flow. I want to set the End Date to 2 days after the form is submitted. When I leave a null value it defaults to 4, when I try to put expressions in there, none of them ...
2 Answers
Justin Goode Last activity on 7/8/2024 12:39:35 PM by David Tod

Asset/CI Field Question

Hello and thank you for your time.
I am just trying to better understand how the Asset/CI field works on a form a bit more clearly.
I have a team member who is attempting to use 2 custom Asset/CI fields to add assets to a ticket. When I s...
1 Answer
Joshua Twardosz Last activity on 7/8/2024 11:36:41 AM by Mark Sayers

Knowledge Base Articles Short Description

How useful are the short descriptions for Knowledge Base Articles (and in fact, Services) in terms of the search functionality? Or do the short descriptions have no impact on search results and is mostly used for information for the en...
1 Answer
Shana Smith Last activity on 7/5/2024 12:10:30 PM by Greg Van De Mark

Duplicate iPaaS flows in Workflow Steps

When selecting an iPaaS flow for an iPaaS step in a workflow, some iPaaS flows appear twice. One of them works and the other doesn't and when they're run, they have different PIds according to the ticket feed. I tried looking for what could cause...
1 Answer
Isaac Ramirez Last activity on 7/3/2024 4:07:27 PM by Mark Sayers

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