Preventing People From Seeing Tickets they shouldn't have access to

See the screen capture below. We have a Security Ticket application that is restricted to staff in the Security Office. However, users who do not have access to the Security Tickets application can see these tickets if they do a Search. For ex...
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Tevis Boulware Last activity on 10/3/2023 2:39:29 PM by Mark Sayers

Notify a Group on the Update screen

Hi folks,
Is there a way to Notify a Group that has not previously been involved with a ticket on the Update screen? I thought I might be able to find the TDx Group as an option in the "Notify Other Poeple" field but it doesn't seem to be the...
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Erin Tramble Last activity on 10/3/2023 9:34:58 AM by Mark Sayers

Forwarded emails not being processed by email monitor

Hi folks,
Question on what you'd suggest for best practice on forwarded emails. We have our email monitors and our replies monitor as separate mailboxes. So, when users reply to an existing ticket that reply defaults to the reply address and...
1 Answer
Steve Aker Last activity on 10/2/2023 1:23:06 PM by Mark Sayers

Specific Ticket Task ID from Workflow Response Body

Is there a way to get a specific Ticket Task ID from the response body of a Get Ticket web service method in a workflow? The goal is to update only a specific ticket task description with information from the ticket.
PUT: https://...
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Scott Cory Last activity on 9/29/2023 4:02:29 PM by Mark Sayers

Related articles

Is there a limit to the number of "related articles" we can have on a service?
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Danee Gunka Schwartz Last activity on 9/29/2023 1:36:17 PM by Mark Sayers

emailing to a cell phone

I would like to set up a "generic" user within teamdynamix that only has basically an alert/notification email and will only be used in a workflow so that we can notify someone when there is an urgent maintenance ticket come into our queue. Is...
1 Answer
Darla Bury Last activity on 9/27/2023 3:24:39 PM by Mark Sayers

Email Monitor Rule Not Working

We created a new email monitor rule but it doesn't seem to be working. We've compared it to other rules we have an cant' see where the error might be. We've tested our other rules and they seem to still work fine.
Can you help us...
2 Answers
James Moyle Last activity on 9/28/2023 12:06:55 PM by James Moyle

SLA Removed on Workflow Web Service Reassignment Step

Good morning,
I have a few workflows where I use a TDX web service step to reassign a ticket. I created the workflow web service methods that do this using documentation at the following websites:
Web service call - https://binghamton...
1 Answer
Nate Sakovitch Last activity on 9/27/2023 12:21:41 PM by Mark Sayers

Adding Tags to Existing Report

I have a ticket report that we use year after year and add new tags to as they are created. I've noticed that when I add a new tag all the tags that were listed previously are unchecked if they aren't on that first page of the search....
1 Answer
Rachel Renckly Last activity on 9/26/2023 10:58:41 AM by Mark Sayers

Asset Find Report

Is there a way to take a list of Serial Numbers from an excel spreadsheet, and apply that to a filter or a report to find the asset in the system? I am trying to locate a list of 400+ assets so I can grab the Tag Number that we have associated wi...
1 Answer
Nick Christiansen Last activity on 9/26/2023 10:26:23 AM by Brittany Renn

Desktop Auto-Refresh is not working

We've noticed that the desktop is not auto-refreshing.
We have the setting checked off and are not aware of anywhere else to make this update:

I took responsibility for a ticket and it did not move to "my tickets" report until I manuall...
1 Answer
Sarah Glatz Last activity on 9/26/2023 10:33:22 AM by Brittany Renn

Kb & Waterfall Plan Focus jumps to the top of the screen when editing

In the KB, anytime the dialog box is used to edit something like an image or link, once you close that dialog TD throws you back to the top of the article.
Incidentally, this also happens when checking out a project plan. For example, when v...
1 Answer
Sarah Glatz Last activity on 9/26/2023 10:29:01 AM by Mark Sayers

Images too small or not clear

Since upgrade to 11.7, I try to embed new images and the images are pretty small. If I increase their size they become very pixelated, I know these images are sufficient size. If you click on an image, it does open in an image view now. I just se...
1 Answer
Sarah Glatz Last activity on 9/26/2023 9:02:05 AM by Greg Van De Mark

Need to add a resource to a project request, or change the requestor.

I need to allow a user to make changes to a submitted project request. In order for the user to do that they need to either be the requester or a resource on the request.
When I try to add a user as either of those, I am presente...
1 Answer
Ashley Bouchie Last activity on 9/26/2023 9:11:33 AM by Brittany Renn

Ticket Details Print View

Good afternoon,
On the Details page of a ticket, some fields are automatically built in TDNext, such as type, service, & priority. Is there a way to move these fields so that the name and other custom fields can appear first in the ticket...
1 Answer
Valencia Ingram Last activity on 9/25/2023 4:33:20 PM by Mark Sayers

Setting Ticket Contacts

Can a custom People Attribute on a ticket be set to automatically become a Contact on that ticket? This seems like a common need. We are collecting several names of People in various roles on some tickets, and we would like them to be Contacts ...
1 Answer
Jon Ricketson Last activity on 9/25/2023 12:52:31 PM by Brittany Renn

Project appears 100% complete, but there are still open tasks

Hello, I'm wondering why my total % complete says 100% when I clearly still have tasks which have not been completed. Screen shot is below.
1 Answer
Sarah Glatz Last activity on 9/25/2023 9:24:07 AM by Mark Sayers

Can a Project Request Be Copied Into a New Project Request

We have to create the same project request for multiple departments, so the only difference is the department name. Is there a way to copy the project request to create a new on like you can with a Project?
1 Answer
Rachel Renckly Last activity on 9/22/2023 11:47:12 AM by Mark Sayers

Article for Creating a Ticket Task Template

Is there an article on how to create a ticket task template? Is this function limited to admin users only? Thank you!
1 Answer
Megan Massaro Last activity on 9/22/2023 11:23:05 AM by Mark Sayers

Model list based on Type or Manufacturer

Creating custom asset forms - If I have a form for Laptops and a form for Printers - can the list of manufacturers and models be tailored based on the form (or at the manufacturer level?) currently when I add a printer - and then select "HP" bot...
1 Answer
Gary Sheldon Last activity on 9/21/2023 2:55:52 PM by Brittany Renn

Bomgar Integration Error

The web service call to Bomgar was not successful.


I tried setting a new key already. Please advise where else to check setti...
1 Answer
Scott Cory Last activity on 9/21/2023 9:01:15 AM by Mark Sayers

View Closed Projects on the Portal?

Morning! Is there a way for portal users to view Closed project information on the Portal?
1 Answer
Rebecca Murphy Last activity on 9/19/2023 10:34:17 AM by Brittany Renn

disable SLA notification messages for one user?

Another department uses TDX only a little bit to manage one process that also requires my department to be involved. One of the people in that other department submitted a request to disable SLA violation notification emails for their supervisor....
1 Answer
Becky Klein Last activity on 9/19/2023 9:01:06 AM by Brittany Renn

Create Scheduled Tickets from Date Attribute

We would like to create Scheduled tickets based off of a custom attribute on a few of our Configuration Item fields. For instance we have a Configuration Item for Applications where I would like to have a scheduled ticket created...
1 Answer
Rik Miller Last activity on 9/18/2023 3:54:31 PM by Mark Sayers

People Import

Hello TDX!
I am testing in the sandbox, and I noticed the provided template in TDNext does not have the fields to define the default client and the security role for users. Does this method of import not allow that? I tried adding those field...
1 Answer
Michael Rodriguez Last activity on 9/18/2023 11:01:58 AM by Mark Sayers

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