Last Run Date on Ticket and Ticket Task report not updating

We have a few ticket and ticket task reports that the "Last Run Date" is not updating.  These have filtering based on "run date minus 1 year", and users are concerned that the data returned is not up to date.  For example, reports run by multiple people today, 6/6/24, are still showing a "Last Run" of 5/30/2023. 

Any ideas on why this may be and if it is even really an issue?

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Asked by Holly Waid on Thu 6/6/24 10:35 AM Last edited Thu 6/6/24 10:36 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 6/6/24 11:21 AM

Hello Holly,

Where are these reports being "run" from specifically? Are the people in question just referencing a desktop module on one of their TDNext desktops? I don't think that causes the "Last Run" date to modify, but modules *do* return up-to-date results as far as the accuracty concern goes.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,
We're running them from TDNext, but from the Ticketing "reports" navigation, where we need to hit the "Run Report" action button.
Thank you,
- Holly Waid Thu 6/6/24 11:30 AM