Service Request coming from Inactive Employee

How do I change who is shown as the "sender" for a Service Request notification that is created via an automation rule? In the Automation rule I have some individual employees without the ticketing application that are also notified for a new hire. The notification shows that it looks like it comes from an employee is that is no longer with the company. 

Asked by Nick Christiansen on Tue 11/21/23 2:15 PM Last edited Tue 11/21/23 2:15 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 11/21/23 2:27 PM

Hi Nick,

I'd have to know specifically what the message was and/or see the actual ticket to know why that notification appears to be "from" who it is listing as being from.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Service Request ID is 2155337 for a new hire credentials request - Nick Christiansen Tue 11/21/23 2:37 PM
Sure, I think I'd still need to see the full email in question to know more about how it might have been generated. You might open a support ticket with us if you'd rather not display that in a public setting here. - Mark Sayers Tue 11/21/23 2:43 PM