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I am trying to do a project count report by resource by type for each resource in our department.  They should be included if they are assigned as an a resource at the point in time the report is run.

I am using the Analysis application, and the Project & Request Report dataset with the following criteria: 

The issue I have is I can't get resources that maybe at one point in time been EXCLUDING a resource that was assigned on a project in the past, but is not assigned now.  My attempt to do so is to include a filter where "Estimated Hours" not equal to 0 -- but that didn't work.  I went as far as to re-add the resource to the project, set their schedule with 0 for all months, and resave it --- but they still showed up --- then I tried to remove them from the project, and that failed too.  Not sure if when a resource is removed if their remaining/future estimate stays forever - or if the estimated hours is at the project versus resource level?  Any ideas on how I can successfully create this report?


Example of issue:  projects are showing up tied to someone w/out being currently assigned as a Resource:






Asked by Rebecca Murphy on Wed 9/13/23 11:47 AM Last edited Wed 9/13/23 1:52 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 9/13/23 12:13 PM

Hi Rebecca,

What filters were you using originally to try to get at this information?

You said you wanted to include them only if they are assigned as a resource at the point in time the report is run. That should be easy enough to achieve I would think, but what are your other criteria for the report? or what are you actually trying to return specifically?

You just want to know how many projects a person is on as a resource currently?

Why not search for active projects where Resource = (person)? Are you saying doing that produced incorrect results? If yes, please provide specific examples and/or screen shots.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi there - please see the screen shot above for my filters and logic and requirements.

Resources play multiple roles, and because I can't report on the project ROLE, I've resorted to identifying:
--PM Role = they are the Manager AND a Resource
-- BA Role = they are NOT the Manager AND a Resource

In a perfect world, this would be my output (count of active projects by resource/type/role):
Resource Name Project Type Role Count#
John Smith Analysis Only BA 3
Special Request PM 2
Project PM 1
Project BA 5
- Rebecca Murphy Wed 9/13/23 1:46 PM
If you're solely looking for project count data, why don't you try it in a Project Report specifically? Is it the same behavior in that type of report? - Mark Sayers Wed 9/13/23 2:00 PM
Thanks Mark! I recreated the logic w/the Project dataset and it seems to be working as expected - thanks again! - Rebecca Murphy Wed 9/13/23 5:01 PM
You're very welcome! - Mark Sayers Thu 9/14/23 8:47 AM