How to Exclude Withdrawn Project Requests from Not Submitted Requests Reports

Hello, we currently run reports to try to catch any project requests that the users may not have completed to ensure they have the tools they need to actually submit the request if needed. I've found that our report will show requests that haven't been submitted but have been withdrawn as well. How do I filter out the Withdrawn requests? Are Withdrawn and Not Submitted two different Project Request statuses? 

The report is set up from the Analysis tab and filters on Project Request Status equals Not Submitted. Yet, those requests that weren't submitted but then withdrawn show on this report as well. I've added a filter of Project Request status does not equal Withdrawn and Status does not equal Withdrawn but neither seem to make a difference. 

I'm wondering if Withdrawn isn't a project request status?

Asked by Rachel Renckly on Wed 9/13/23 9:51 AM
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Brittany Renn Wed 9/13/23 10:02 AM

Hi Rachel,

Are you running a Project & Requests type report in Analysis? If you run a report on the same request in a plain Project Request Report, does the status show as withdrawn? 


Brittany Renn

TDX Support

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That was it! The report was a projects and requests report. Once I set it up as a project request report the Withdrawn items fell off. Thank you! - Rachel Renckly Wed 9/13/23 11:45 AM