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So we are acquired TDX from the IT Dept, and they have existing client portal and ticketing apps. I created my own client portal and ticketing apps and would like to eventually remove or deactivate the original ones. I don't see where to make the ones I created the default. How would I do this?

Asked by Michael Rodriguez on Tue 9/12/23 11:16 PM Last edited Wed 9/13/23 6:28 AM
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Brittany Renn Wed 9/13/23 9:14 AM

Hi Michael, 

It isn't possible to change which application is the default. It would probably be best to redesign the current default application if at all possible. 

Let me know if you have further questions. 


Brittany Renn

TDX Support

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Hi Brittary,

Thank you for the info. I am gonna alter the original apps. However, will I be able to remove the new ones I created, or will I only be able to deactivate them?
- Michael Rodriguez Wed 9/13/23 10:18 AM
Sure thing! They can only be deactivated. - Brittany Renn Wed 9/13/23 10:20 AM
One more Brittany...sorry. Is there an advantage to go back and use the originals or will everything work the same with the second set of apps i created? Thank you again! - Michael Rodriguez Wed 9/13/23 10:31 AM
No worries at all! I would just suggest to at least keep the default client portal. The client portal that is provisioned when the environment is created is set as the environment default and unfortunately that setting is unable to be changed. There are a few options that can done to come as close as possible to removing a default client portal from use. However it is advised to keep it in use if at all possible. If you decide against using the default client portal, you'd have to set the Primary Client Portal to the desired client portal and this is a per user setting. You'd also have to remove the client portal ID from all users that have it in their application list and then redirect the root landing page for your domain to be auto-redirected to another URL. - Brittany Renn Wed 9/13/23 10:48 AM
Hi Brittany! Need to ask you another one regarding this. Regarding the reason to keep the default client portal app can we just set the default client portal app as the new one I created during people imports? Well we do have 2000 existing users with the old one. Could we import these 2000 again and change the default client portal app along with new users during regular import intervals? - Michael Rodriguez Thu 9/14/23 2:49 PM
Yes, you could do that. It would make the users' own default portal be the one you just created instead of the organization's default portal. You do have to include the columns for the default portal and also a column for that client portal specifying their security role in that portal, AND you need to be allowing application and security role changes via the import flags. - Mark Sayers Thu 9/14/23 3:27 PM
Hi Mark! In situations like these, would it be possible to reset the entire instance to how it came out of the box so we can start fresh? - Michael Rodriguez Thu 9/14/23 3:42 PM
I'm not sure how advisable that might be without ensuring that your *current* user group who owns the TDX management has been fully trained on its usage. Have you gone through any of the Readiness Courses or engaged with an implementation consultant at all to impart training to any of the folks who currently are operating your TDX instance? - Mark Sayers Thu 9/14/23 3:58 PM
Me and two others are going through the Readiness training now. We have extensive experience on the technician side from another institution. I myself have a little experience on the admin side, but have read a lot of TDX KB surrounding the admin so I was somewhat comfortable when I got access and began building right away. However I think I need to learn more on people import and email settings ( which I think would come from the email admin) if a reset was to happen. We do have an implementation meeting on Oct 2nd. I just am eager to begin building ( I did begin with the new apps and security roles but stopped due to indecisiveness between using original apps or new ones ) and want to make good use of the time till then. - Michael Rodriguez Thu 9/14/23 4:07 PM