Editing rooms in locations

Is there a way to add rooms to our organization locations? I am a full admin but can't seem to add or edit rooms or even locations

Asked by James Richard on Tue 9/12/23 9:45 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 9/12/23 9:48 AM

Hello James,

You modify Locations from within an Assets/CIs application in the TDNext interface. It isn't performed from the TDAdmin interface, in case that seems to be the source of the issue you're having.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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so we have a form that has location and room for a population but we noticed a room is not in the location - James Richard Tue 9/12/23 9:53 AM
Yep, you'll need to navigate to your Assets/CIs application in TDNext, go to the Locations section, find the Location in question, and update it to add the new Room value to it. - Mark Sayers Tue 9/12/23 10:06 AM
so this is different from the organization locations? and currently we have no locations in the assets\ci\s application, - James Richard Tue 9/12/23 10:08 AM
When you are in TDNext, in your Inventory app, you should see a section for Locations on the left hand navigation. That will allow you to access and add rooms to any of the Locations that exist in your environment if they are active still. - Mark Sayers Tue 9/12/23 10:46 AM