Manager Analysis Report - Empty Month

When we run our Manager Analysis Report there is no data for the last week of July or the entire month of August.  Is there any way to see the filters that are being used on that report so I can figure out why?

Asked by Annette Howard on Fri 9/8/23 4:19 PM
Actually - when I run it weekly there is no data for the last week of July, when I run it monthly there is not data for the month of August. There is August data when it is run weekly. - Annette Howard Fri 9/8/23 4:23 PM
We at UWRF are also seeing the same thing. - Greg Van De Mark Fri 9/8/23 4:51 PM
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Lisa Leonard Fri 9/8/23 4:38 PM

We had ~ 60  active projects in the month of August - this is the first month that the report has shown zero.  It's part of the dashboard and this is the first time we have had a blank month.

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Thanks for confirming! I'm not aware of any known issues regarding that report, so we will likely need to have our Engineering team weigh in. Do you mind submitting a support ticket for this issue so that we can have that escalated for review? - Brittany Renn Fri 9/8/23 5:02 PM

Brittany Renn Fri 9/8/23 4:24 PM

Hi Annette, 

The Manager Analysis report should show the historical and current active projects that you have at each status level. We have this KB article that outlines the data in that report:

Does that help at all? 


Brittany Renn

TDX Support

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I had found that article but it is not what I am looking for. - Annette Howard Fri 9/8/23 4:31 PM
I understand. If you feel like you're not receiving accurate results then you may want to submit a support ticket so we can review the results you're getting, along with the projects in question. - Brittany Renn Fri 9/8/23 4:35 PM