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I have a ticket rule in my Workspace that looks for Prim Resp is one of (Myself) and Status Class is one of New, In Process, or On Hold. However, the On Hold status class tickets are not showing up in my workspace at all. I have reports that show them just fine. Is this expected behavior?

Thank you!

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Asked by Mariah Rible on Mon 7/31/23 11:57 AM
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Mark Sayers Mon 7/31/23 2:39 PM

Do you see where the ticket's that are On Hold show a Feed post that they were added to this Workspace? It should have specifically generated a Feed listing when the rule added them.


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They do not have a feed post, no. When I run the rule in test mode it says '0 items will be added.' - Mariah Rible Mon 7/31/23 2:41 PM
Ok let me check on this. - Mark Sayers Mon 7/31/23 2:46 PM
The ticket wasn't created in that workspace, or already in it for some other reason is it? I *am* getting workspace rules to add tickets to them that are in an On Hold status class. - Mark Sayers Mon 7/31/23 3:14 PM
No the tickets are not showing up in the Workspace at all and they were created before the workspace existed. Should I open a support ticket? - Mariah Rible Mon 7/31/23 4:16 PM
That might be best since you are installed and it could need a bit of additional information to figure out what is causing this. - Mark Sayers Mon 7/31/23 4:40 PM
will do! thank you - Mariah Rible Mon 7/31/23 4:56 PM