Paging inside API requests

I haven't been able to find any documentation that includes paging for the TDX Web API. I'd like to use the restricted lookup endpoint for users (/api/people/lookup?searchText={searchText}&maxResults={maxResults}) and get sets of 50 users at a time without losing my place.

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Asked by Harrison Fleisher on Tue 7/25/23 10:38 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 7/25/23 10:52 AM

Hi Harrison,

That endpoint does not have a paging function currently. I suspect you would have to compile the results in something external from TDX and find a way to page through *that*, rather than directly via API calls to that endpoint.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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For future reference what endpoints for People or Accounts do support paging? - Harrison Fleisher Tue 7/25/23 10:57 AM
None of the People or Accounts endpoints support paging of results. Perhaps if you have iPaaS you could compile the results there and page through those, or with some other system making the API calls for you so it can then compile results, but the endpoints themselves aren't built to support paging natively. - Mark Sayers Tue 7/25/23 11:05 AM
@Mark Sayers, in reference to iPaaS we have a large number of accounts, when trying to pull in data to iPaaS without paging, we cannot pull all active users with the 10mb limitation. - Joshua Peluso Wed 9/20/23 1:18 PM
I was using the wrong lookup, please disregard. - Joshua Peluso Wed 9/20/23 1:26 PM