Has anyone else experienced custom From email addresses, in our case servicedesk, changing to this morning?  

Asked by Robert Kelly on Wed 5/24/23 12:07 PM
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Brittany Renn Wed 5/24/23 12:14 PM

Hi Robert, 

If you're still experiencing this, I would suggest submitting a Support ticket with an example EML/MSG file of a notification that came from instead of your custom settings, so we can investigate. 


Brittany Renn

TDX Support

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The notices seem to be working as expected now, no longer from notify@tdx.
Was this limited to our instance or was there an overarching issue?
- Robert Kelly Wed 5/24/23 1:06 PM
We have had other clients experience this, but unfortunately, we really wouldn't be able to confirm the exact cause until we are able to investigate an example notification with our Engineering team. - Brittany Renn Wed 5/24/23 1:10 PM

Jim Lucas Thu 6/15/23 3:30 PM

We are experiencing this today - seems to be the first time we have seen this.  I just submitted a ticket.

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Robert Kelly Wed 6/7/23 12:51 PM

He did.  Any ideas on why this keeps occurring? 

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Without further investigating each specific incidence I'm not sure. - Mark Sayers Wed 6/7/23 12:53 PM

Robert Kelly Wed 6/7/23 12:42 PM

This is reoccurring today (6/7/23).  Will submit another ticket to TDX. 

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I believe Nick Stanley already put one in for y'all, FYI. - Mark Sayers Wed 6/7/23 12:43 PM