What is the criteria for Workflow Step Resp to have a value in a Tickets report?

I have a report that shows tickets that have a workflow associated. I've included all the available workflow attributes. For workflows that show incomplete and display the current step name, most do not list a Workflow Step Resp, even though the ticket, when opened, clearly displays who is responsible for the step. This would make sense for collector steps, but task steps do not list the person responsible for completing the task. What makes that report attribute have a value?

Asked by Darlene Palmer on Wed 5/24/23 9:43 AM
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Mark Sayers Wed 5/24/23 10:07 AM

Hello Darlene,

Can you provide the ID of the report in question?

Is it in your Production or your Sandbox?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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It is in Production. Report ID: 209185. I'm currently writing the workflow PeopleSoft Refresh (16969142) which contains task steps, and I know workflow 16937684 (which has incomplete steps in that report too) is full of task steps.
- Darlene Palmer Wed 5/24/23 10:16 AM
Ok would you mind submitting this as a support ticket so I can get it escalated for review? - Mark Sayers Wed 5/24/23 11:28 AM
Oh sure! Thanks for looking into this. - Darlene Palmer Wed 5/24/23 11:30 AM