I have an automation rule that assigns a ticket to a group if certain criteria are met.

On a test ticket, this shows up in the ticket:

In the ticket is this:

Changed Responsibility from "" to "UWinsite Finance – Research Finance Team Members" as a result of applying the "Request to be a Team Member on a Research Project" rule.

Notified: Antonio Guido (Student Employee), Christie Hall (Staff), Drew St. Louis (Staff), Eric Gee (Staff), Lewis Yau (Student Employee), Michelle Clement (Staff)

BUT I am being told that these people are NOT getting notification.

I have no idea how this contradiction could be happening.

Any suggestions?

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Asked by Mathew Chandler on Wed 4/12/23 8:00 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 4/13/23 9:11 AM

Hello Mathew,

Assuming the ticket was created in your Finance ticket app, that notification should have gone out through our mail sender per your organization's outbound mail configuration. What was the exact date/time of the post that said it notified them?

Also, did they check their spam/junk mail folders to be sure whether the email was not shunted there?

I do see that they have the notified setting to true for all group members and they all have access to it, so there's no reason the notification shouldn't have been sent. I can check the mail logs though if I know the date/time of that feed post.



Mark Sayers

Sr Support Consultant, CS

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It appears that they spoke too soon. They did get notifications. - Mathew Chandler Thu 4/13/23 10:05 AM
Good deal, thanks for following up! - Mark Sayers Thu 4/13/23 10:23 AM