Can we adjust the visible columns of the Asset/CIs tab on Tickets?

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Our org is just getting started with utilizing the Assets/CIs module within TDNEXT and we're wondering if it is possible to add columns to the Asset/CIs view on tickets. Currently the only ID that shows up is the TDX ID which has no real world application. Our techs are looking for the ability to see our service tags so they can quickly identify the devices without having to click through to yet another window. Is this something we can edit within Administration?

​​​​​​​image example: 

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Asked by Persephone McNair on Wed 3/29/23 4:37 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 3/29/23 4:48 PM

Hi Persephone,

This is an excellent enhancement request, but unfortunately the columns in that view are not currently configurable.

You can submit the idea request though via this service:


Mark Sayers

Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Thanks for this quick answer Mark - seems that the IDs showing up there are actually ticket IDs which is a little bit extra confusing for the techs but we'll dig into how best to use it as is and proceed from there.

I did also submit as an enhancement request which can be found here: for anyone wanting to add support
- Persephone McNair Wed 3/29/23 5:34 PM