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where can I find out more information about the known issues?  I see there is a known issue out there right now for adding images to a ticket, but I don't know where or how to look up this number or find out more information about this.  Thanks in advance for any help!

Asked by Barb Gosch on Mon 3/13/23 2:55 PM
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Barb Gosch Tue 3/14/23 12:30 PM

Thanks Mark. So, question for you. If there is a known issue, that is likely affecting many people, why does the status page say everything is working fine. Also, would there be anything shared with users indicating that there is an issue?  

So, to find out more, I have to submit a ticket? IS that correct?



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If it isn't currently out in the status page (which is a topic for Product Management as to what ends up going up there) then submitting a ticket yourself is the next best way to request information yes. Though it looks like Karen Bergmeier already has a ticket open for Minnesota State, as an FYI. Ticket ID 22488687. - Mark Sayers Tue 3/14/23 1:12 PM

Mark Sayers Tue 3/14/23 10:57 AM

Hello Barb,

That ticket's ID is internal. It's there to allow you to reference it if you want/need to also submit a ticket request asking for information on that ticket's resolution status.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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