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Why is it that in a workflow notification step, the options for who you are able to send a notification to so narrow? Regular ticket notification options are quite robust and I don't understand why an entirly different notification method was develoved that is objectively worse in this location. 

The only options here are people who have a role in the ticket already (not including any contacts that have been added manually) and people with licensing. It seems pretty basic to me that someone may want to notify an external department via workflow who doesn't use your system. 

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Asked by Carl Amlin on Fri 1/20/23 7:44 AM
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Mark Sayers Fri 1/20/23 9:47 AM

Hello Carl,

You *can* very much choose a recipient when configuring a Notification step (in the Recipients field) that is any group or person in the organization.

If you want them to be chosen dynamically in a recipient role, then yes they *do* need to be associated with the ticket in some way or have been chosen in a custom person attribute on the form, otherwise how would the step know which group or person it is that they need to contact?

The solution here to me sounds like you'd want to create a person record for this external department where that person record contains the email address of the dept in question, and then just set them as the recipient (or one of the recipients) of that step in the workflow.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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