People deactivation import

In the import script, can we specify the file name? If not, I assumed we can specify different folder name instead using the same "Pending" folder, correct? Since this import is for people deactivation, for the "Is Active" column, do we only need to import all the people that will be deactivated; therefore, only "False"?

Tags deactivate-users
Asked by Chong Lor on Thu 1/5/23 11:45 AM
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Brittany Renn Thu 1/5/23 1:46 PM

Hi Chong, 

Since your organization is still active in the implementation process, your Implementation Consultant has created a project issue for this to be gone over in more detail. If you need any assistance with accessing your implementation project, please let us know!


Brittany Renn

TDX Support

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