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I created a new request form and need to add it to a service, but I am not able to figure it out. I've gone to Services in both TDAdmin and TDClient, but I still can't figure it out. I know I must just be missing something simple. Can you help me out?



Asked by Alyx Lyons on Tue 11/1/22 12:48 PM
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Brittany Renn Tue 11/1/22 1:04 PM

Hi Alyx, 

If you already have the form and service created, you'll need to navigate that service in TDClient. Once you're there, select 'Edit Service.' On the Settings tab, make sure you have the correct 'Request Application' and 'Request Type' selected (i.e. if you want the form inquiry to submit a ticket, you'll want to choose 'Tickets' in the 'Request Application'). Once you have those fields configured, press Save. Now, you'll want to navigate to the 'Form' tab and from there you can 'Use an existing Shared Form" and select the one you've created. 


Brittany Renn

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Hi thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

I have done all those steps but when I get to the Form tab, the message says “This form is used by other services or was created in the Admin applications. In these cases the service can only be directly edited from the Admin application.” I’ve tried figuring this out on the Admin side, but I am having some trouble doing so.

And yes, the form I am using is for more than one service (with each service moving into a different portfolio planning workflow depending on project type). It's a new form that I created to replace the form in the existing services.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

- Alyx Lyons Tue 11/1/22 2:11 PM
I see. In that case, log into TDAdmin > Applications > Select Client Portal > Service Catalog > Services. From there, select the service in question and it will pull up a separate window. In that window, you'll select 'Edit,' and there should be a field for 'Request Form.' See if you can choose the form in question from that dropdown and add it to the service. Make sure you Save and then double check the Client Portal to see if the form shows for that service. - Brittany Renn Tue 11/1/22 2:19 PM
That worked! I also figured out that I need to make the form active. I had it inactive, so it wasn't showing up.

If I replace the old form with the new, will all the data and fields (several custom) from the old form still show up in the current requests in the pipeline as well as the fields in the active projects, or should I create a brand new service for the new form?
- Alyx Lyons Tue 11/1/22 2:29 PM

Brittany Renn Wed 11/2/22 10:25 AM

Using one form instead of another shouldn't have negative impacts on existing requests, however, you will not want to delete the old form. At least not until all requests that used the old form are fully converted into projects.

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