In iPaaS, with Forms, is there yet a way to dynamically show / change images?

I think the answer is no, but with iPaaS forms, we can add images to a form, but they're static. Is there a way I could take an image that might be attached to an object, like an asset, and show that image in line on the form? From what I've tried, I can't modify the image URL when I add an image element to a form.

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Asked by Jason Pelletier on Thu 10/27/22 2:31 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 10/27/22 4:29 PM

Hello Jason,

What you could do is:

  1. Create a label and set the text of the label to the HTML of an image (e.g., the label would be like <img src="" style="width: 500px;"> etc
  2. based on what the form does, change the LABEL text to the HTML for another image (e.g., when a form returns something, use a Condition to change the label to <img src="" style="width: 500px;">

    You just have to pass the source of the image and return the <img src="" style="width: 500px;">

With that HTML and CSS - you could make an HTML template, and then change that with Javascript.

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Perfect. I was just going down this path to see if I can force a label to show an image. Thanks! - Jason Pelletier Thu 10/27/22 4:57 PM

David Tod Thu 10/27/22 4:19 PM

Another approach is to use Actions, i.e. when you click a button, the Action is to set the Hidden property of an element to false/true.

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David Tod Thu 10/27/22 4:16 PM

The answer is yes. Any field can have the "hidden" attribute set through a Condition.  If the expression (or flow) returns true, then the element is hidden. For example, if the value of a switch is set to true, then the expression sets hidden=true and the image disappears.

For example, I have a form with an Emergency Change toggle. When that is on/true, then another form element is hidden by setting its "hidden" attribute to true.

You can use this approach on fields and containers to do a progressive reveal of options.

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Thanks but that's not what I was looking for. I understand how to show/hide based on expression. What I'm looking to do is actually set the image or show an image that isn't statically set by a the Static Image control.

Basically, I'm building a consumables item shopping cart using an Asset app specific to consumables and I was hoping to show an image of an asset (that was added as an attachment to the asset in the app) in-line on the form when an asset was selected, but the image wouldn't be pre-uploaded into iPaaS, it would be accessed either via URL or some other manner.
- Jason Pelletier Thu 10/27/22 4:21 PM
iPaaS Forms will support HTML after tomorrow's release! Can you construct the HTML dynamically? - David Tod Thu 10/27/22 4:24 PM
I know, I'm so excited for tomorrow's release! - Jason Pelletier Thu 10/27/22 4:54 PM