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When an update is entered on a ticket and multiple contacts are notified in the update, when the recipients receive the email, is there anyway for them to see who all was notified on the update? I know the requestor should be able to see this in the client portal as long as the update is marked private, but it would be nice if those notified by email are also included on the update so those involved know who all was updated. I didn't see this as a template tag in the notification templates. Thanks for your help!

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Asked by Peggy Harrison on Wed 6/8/22 11:24 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 6/21/22 2:50 PM

Hello Peggy,
I do not believe that our notifications currently (and we're on 11.4 as of now in the SaaS environment) will tell you who all was notified of a given message that you are notified on.

This would be a great enhancement though.

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