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Is there a lag time between creating a new email monitor rule and it being applied to the email review? 

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Asked by Nicole Lucas on Wed 5/11/22 11:57 AM
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Nicole Lucas Wed 5/11/22 3:52 PM


I just checked and it is working now. I'll make sure to follow up if we have any new issues with it. 

Thank you,


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Ok sounds good! - Mark Sayers Wed 5/11/22 4:00 PM

Mark Sayers Wed 5/11/22 12:31 PM

Hello Nicole,

I'll check into that for you, but at the most it shouldn't take more than a short while for a new rule to take effect.

Are you seeing significant delays?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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We added a new rule this morning and we are still seeing it not applying even though we have everything set up according to the knowledgebase. - Nicole Lucas Wed 5/11/22 3:26 PM
Which ticketing application and which email monitor ID does this rule exist within? - Mark Sayers Wed 5/11/22 3:35 PM