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Hi there,

I am seeing tickets that are being created from existing tickets with all the same deatils - carbon copy - when the requester of the original ticket replies to the original ticket. Both the original ticket is being updated with the reply and a new ticket is being created.

The beginning of the description of the new ticket is [Created from ticket ######]

What's happening here?



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Asked by Damon Stennett on Wed 9/8/21 1:13 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 9/8/21 1:15 PM

Hello David,

My guess is your ticketing application in question, in TDAdmin > Applications > [ticket app] > Settings, is configured to reopen tickets if they are responded to after a certain number of days. When that happens, it opens the ticket and indicates it was created from the original ticket with a note like you have indicated.

Can you check that app's settings in TDAdmin and confirm if this seems to be the case?

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant, CS

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Hi Mark,

This is indeed the case. I guess I wasn't expecting the original ticket to be updated when the condition is reached to create a new one. That means we have to process 2 tickets instead of one and the person responding to the original ticket has no indication in the ticket that a new one was made. I can see this causing unnecessary work and confusion for the user who might get replies from 2 different technicians on 2 different tickets.

Is there a way to prevent the old ticket from being updated/reopened when a new ticket is created?

- Damon Stennett Wed 9/8/21 1:29 PM
Unfortunately no in this case. - Mark Sayers Wed 9/8/21 2:45 PM
It shouldn't reopen the old ticket if the configuration is to open a new ticket X days after closure and that amount of time *has* passed. It might append the comment (which opens a new ticket) to the old ticket, but I wouldn't think it should do that either. It would depend I guess on how you configured your ticketing application in this instance to deal with tickets that are closed and receive new responses. - Mark Sayers Tue 9/14/21 2:16 PM