Adding Time Types to Ticket Types

I am trying to add time types to ticket types. I have two time types that I want to add to one ticket type for when future tickets are created. I created the two time types (See Time Types screen shot).


When I go to the ticket type to add the time types I get an error message (See Time Types Error Message). I click on the time type to select it and then on the "Add" button, which gives me the error message. It's like I didn't select the time type. What am I doing incorrectly? 

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Asked by Terri Edney on Fri 8/6/21 12:54 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 8/6/21 1:21 PM

Hello Terri,

From what I can tell in your screen shot, those time types have already been added to the Ticket Type in question. If they aren't visible in the rectangular box above that grid area it means they've already been added or there are no remaining time types to be added to that particular Ticket Type.

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Interesting. I was attempting to just keep the techs from having to “Manage” adding the time each time they started working on a new ticket. I must have picked a ticket that was in place before I made the change.

- Terri Edney Fri 8/6/21 2:53 PM
Yeah, for all new tickets using the Ticket Types you added time types to they'll have those time types on them. - Mark Sayers Fri 8/6/21 3:07 PM