Toggleable / Dynamic Tabs for Knowledge Base articles?

Is there a way to code sanitized tabbed content into a knowledge base article? I've reviewed the below link on allowed content, and I haven't seen what would conflict with basic HTML & Bootsrap code.

As an example of what we're looking to do, see the Toggleable / Dynamic Tabs section of the following article.

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Asked by Logan Tong on Thu 7/15/21 9:48 AM Last edited Thu 7/15/21 9:49 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 7/15/21 11:48 AM

Hello Logan,

I tested putting the following block into the Source code area of a new KB article and it worked fine to create an inline list menu. I even tested all three options: inline list menu, tabbed menu, and tabbed with submenu drop down options. They all worked in a KB.

I would definitely test that and see if you can purpose it for your own needs but it seems doable.

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Getting the tabs to appear works for me too, but getting them to dynamically change the content below doesn't. Here is a link to the result I'm going for. - Logan Tong Thu 7/15/21 1:21 PM
It is highly likely that not all of those HTML tags being used are fully supported per the rich content editor KB link you provided originally. - Mark Sayers Thu 7/15/21 1:36 PM