"customer responded" report - exclude system ticket modifications?

I want a report that shows me tickets where a customer has responded (last modified by someone not behind the curtain). I did not see something out of the box, so I created a report. The key filter is "modified by" is not a member of groups behind the curtain. This works for the most part. My main sticking point is that it picks up system modifications such as the ticket automatically coming off hold or a workflow timer step completing. Is there a better way of doing a "customer responded" report? If not, is there a way to exclude modifications by the system?

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Fri 6/25/21 5:02 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 7/9/21 12:10 PM

Hello Greg,
That is pretty much how I actually filter my own Support report for tickets to look for things responded to by clients. Unfortunately the Modified By filter doesn't have a "Has a value" specifier to make sure it ignores system-generated modifications.

I guess the only *better* way to do a Customer Responded would be change that Modified By filter to be "Is a member of" and select all the customer group(s) you use, assuming that you do put each customer into a group of some kind.

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Thanks Mark!
I think having a "has a value" option would be a good thing to have (since other fields already have this option). I requested this enhancement in Service Request #18110580
- Greg Van De Mark Fri 7/9/21 12:37 PM
Excellent! I agree it would be handy! - Mark Sayers Fri 7/9/21 12:38 PM