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I know we can protect fields and grant specific users in groups access to those protected fields, but are there any options we may have for protecting attachments that are added to requests? One of our areas has some sensitive attachments that may be attached to a ticket and are wondering if permissions can be applied to lock those attachments? They don't like the idea that everyone with access to the back end of the ticketing application could potentially open up the ticket and view the attachments. Are there any alternatives available to us regarding attachment permissions that we can implement if there aren't any currently?

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Asked by Gabriela Barragan on Thu 6/3/21 4:48 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 6/4/21 8:54 AM

Hello Gabriela,

That is essentially a great enhancement idea to ask for an ability to lock down specific attachments, but it's not a current feature.

You could utilize our integration with OneDrive or Google Drive though to add attachments that are stored in one of those systems. Then you could permission the file(s) there the way you want to.

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Is there a knowledge base article or instructions available on how to configure those types of integrations? - Gabriela Barragan Fri 6/4/21 9:12 AM
Yes, start with this on here: - Mark Sayers Fri 6/4/21 9:14 AM
I see that one drive is selected already as an integration. When we go to upload an attachment there has always been an option to upload from one drive. Just to confirm, does this mean this integration with one drive is set up? Just wanted to be sure before anything! - Gabriela Barragan Fri 6/4/21 1:21 PM
They do not appear to be set up currently. We'd need your OneDrive/OneDrive for Business Application (Client) IDs. Your O365 administrators might need to get those for you and then you can pass them to us via a Support ticket. - Mark Sayers Fri 6/4/21 1:52 PM
Got it, thank you! - Gabriela Barragan Fri 6/4/21 2:09 PM