Using groups for notification in ticket workflow

I created a new ticket application "program requests" Only two staff members are technicians in this application. All other staff are clients and place their requests through the client portal.

Once the request is placed, it must get approval from the requestor's manager. Setting up that approval rule in workflow is no issue.

Assuming the approval is received, I would like to send an notification to other staff (not the requestor or requestor's manager) as a "heads up" type of notification that the program request has been approved and that the ticket is in process. These staff are not technicians. 

I have set up a group with these staff in it, so that I do not have to assign individuals to the notification, only the group. However, the group is not a choice in the list of those to notify. The individuals, no matter their security role, appear in the list of recipients, but not the group. 

I have checked that the group has the "Program Request" ticketing application checked. 

Any hints to what I may be missing that the group never appears in the Recipients field? 

I have been reading through many questions and can't seem to find the answer.

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Asked by Terri Edney on Sun 5/16/21 1:25 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 5/17/21 9:58 AM

Hello Terri,

Unfortunately a group is not eligible for notifications from workflows unless at least one member of that group is a TDNext + Ticketing application member. Are you just wanting to notify the group, not require them to "approve" anything?

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Yes. This group is just receiving a notification, they are not approving anything. The workflow should be that the requestor's manager approves the request. When the request is approved, then the notification is kicked off to this group of people. - Terri Edney Mon 5/17/21 12:21 PM
You could consider (if it's always going to be the same people) making an email distribution group for them, then create a client user and give it that distribution group's email address as its alert/notification email, and finally mark that user as the one to be individually be notified. Either that or you'd need to put at least one technician into your group who has TDNext + Tickets access. - Mark Sayers Mon 5/17/21 1:06 PM
Mark: Thank you for your help. I did not realize that with each new application, I had to add users to the application. Once I did that, the groups appeared in the notification workflow step. I think I am going to take your advice regarding the email distribution group. That may make it easier to deal with when people come and go. Thanks again. - Terri Edney Mon 5/17/21 5:10 PM
Sure thing, you are very welcome! - Mark Sayers Tue 5/18/21 9:11 AM