Does the setting "Notify Responsible or Reviewer when a user comments on a ticket" override disabled group notifications?


Does the application setting " Notify Responsible or Reviewer when a user comments on a ticket " override group notifications being disabled for particular users, particularly when there is no individual assigned to the ticket, or does it obey the individuals' group notifications preferences?


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Asked by Shenandoah Bennett on Wed 4/14/21 2:00 PM
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Mark Sayers Wed 4/14/21 2:02 PM

Hello Shenandoah,

It should obey those individual-level group notification settings. Are you experiencing something otherwise?

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Hello Matt,

No, it’s just that we’re bringing a new group into TeamDynamix and they asked to have all members have notifications disabled and they will just stay logged in to review tickets instead. I predicted that this would cause an issue where they would not be aware of client replies, and it seems that I was right to be concerned about this possibility, especially for a high ticket volume group.

- Shenandoah Bennett Wed 4/14/21 2:17 PM