Unable to make notification ticketing workflow recipient a particular group

I'm trying to make a notification workflow step go to a group as the recipient using a new group that I've created.  I can make other groups be the recipient but the new group I created isn't available to be selected.  The group consists of 3 people, 2 of which are users and one is a technician.  All people have notifications turned on and the ticketing application is associated with the group.  Can any guidance be provided on what I need to do to fix this?


Thank you!

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Asked by Kimberly Lawrence on Thu 3/18/21 9:41 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 3/18/21 1:41 PM

Hello Kimberly,

Do *any* of those persons have access to the application that the workflow/ticket exist within?

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I just checked and only one person out of the 3 has access to the application that the workflow is in. He didn’t have a checkmark next to this in his security profile but I added the checkmark and saved his record and then went back to the workflow and it still doesn’t show the group.

I even checked the workflow back in and then checked it out again.
- Kimberly Lawrence Fri 3/19/21 2:19 PM
What workflow is it and what ticketing app ID is it in? Also, what is the name of the group you're trying to assign to this step? Finally, please list the name of the notification step you're trying to assign them to? - Mark Sayers Fri 3/19/21 2:26 PM
workflow: Approval to prepay for goods or services
ticketing app: Tickets
group name: DOA Preapproval
Notification step: Request approval to prepay from DOA

Thanks Mark!
- Kimberly Lawrence Fri 3/19/21 3:06 PM
If I am understanding this workflow Notification step assignment, you are designating a *user* account that is named "Preapproval DOA" as the recipient of the notification. I'm guessing the email address on that account is for a distribution group? - Mark Sayers Mon 3/22/21 10:37 AM
Yes. That's correct. - Kimberly Lawrence Mon 3/22/21 4:08 PM
And that distribution group is never notified from that Notification step? - Mark Sayers Mon 3/22/21 4:19 PM
It doesn't let me make them the notification group. - Kimberly Lawrence Mon 3/22/21 4:21 PM
Try going to Admin > Users & Roles > Groups > lookup the DOA Preapproval group and open them. Go to the Ticketing Applications tab and check the box for the Tickets app and Save it. Once that's done you'll be able to select that group for the Notification step as a recipient. - Mark Sayers Mon 3/22/21 4:37 PM

Kimberly Lawrence Mon 3/22/21 4:45 PM

Thank you.  It is working now.  I had checked that last week but there was a problem with the server that day so I guess it didn't stick.


Thank you Mark!

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