Approver's comments not appearing for Requestors

If a client places a request that requires approval, and the approval is denied, the requester should be informed why the request was denied. So far, I have not found a way to do this. 

In editing the notifications, I cannot find a template tag that could be used for this purpose. If no template tag is available, I hoped that I could direct the requester to go back to their ticket to see why the request had been denied.

When an approver denies a request, a comment box appears. While the agent can see the comment in the ticket (after some digging), the comment does not appear on the requester's ticket view nor the notification that they receive.

Am I missing something, or should I place an enhancement request?

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Asked by Terri Edney on Fri 2/12/21 12:26 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 2/12/21 12:44 PM

Hello Terri,
Unfortunately the Approval "comment" is not relayed directly to the Requestor unless it happens to be the last step in the workflow and also if the workflow is configured to modify the ticket's status upon being ultimately Approved or Rejected.

Beyond that, there's no way to force the comment from an Approval step in the middle of a workflow to be relayed to the Customer. If it gets posted to the Feed you could modify the Feed post and mark it as Public so the Requestor can see it from the Client Portal.

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Mark: Thank you for your quick response. As I am new to TDX, could you comment a little further on your last sentence? What settings would I need to change in order that it gets posted to the Feed? Would the requestor be able see it in their ticket, or by feed do you mean a public feed on the Client Portal "Home" page. - Terri Edney Fri 2/12/21 1:54 PM
It isn't a setting change that I'm referring to there. You would have to view the feed after making the Approval, see if the comment got logged there, then you could click the "More..." option for that feed post and choose the option to "Mark Public". If you did this, then yes the Requestor would be able to see it on their ticket when they view it from the Client Portal. - Mark Sayers Mon 2/15/21 9:18 AM