Ticket aging report from date in the past

I would like to have a report where I can enter a date in the past and receive the number of tickets that are X number of days old at that date.  I can't figure out how to pull this off.

Any ideas?


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Asked by Tim Lewallen on Thu 2/11/21 10:43 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 2/11/21 11:12 AM

Hello Tim,

You could consider something like this as far as your filters:

  1. Created date is less than (a specific date: prompt this filter so you can adjust it on the fly on the report results screen)
  2. Status is not one of (Open/New, Closed, Cancelled)
  3. Age is greater than or equal to (numeric age value)
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Wouldn't this determine the current status of the ticket and not the status of the ticket on some date in the past? - Tim Lewallen Thu 2/11/21 11:26 AM
Now that I read your description again, there isn't a way to report on tickets that were X days old as of a certain date. The system would only return tickets that were *currently* X days old as of the Created date that you'd select with the recommendation I made...the reporting system in general doesn't have a way to report on just a stand-alone date in regards to what was something's state as of date mm/dd/yyyy. To report on something in regards to dates you have to filter based on a date-field from the ticket. But there is no way to report on what a ticket's age *was in the past* as of a certain date. You'd just have to do the math based on that ticket's created date as far as how old it would have been by the time you're interested in. - Mark Sayers Thu 2/11/21 11:34 AM