Unsupported Email Monitoring Service Attachments


We have users who are attempting to submit an audio file that is currently not supported by the TD Email Monitoring Service Attachments, Apple's .m4a. With this in mind, a handful of questions arise on potentially missing attachments:

  • Is there a way to request the support of more attachment types, such as .m4a?
  • Is there a way for the ticket to acknowledge that it was created via an email with an unsupported attachment so we know to manually retrieve it?
  • What is the suggested workflow for user's to submit unsupported file type? (Assuming via manual attachment within the ticket but just confirming)
  • How do external users attach a non-supported attachment type? While a small use case, attaching directly to the ticket is only allowed for internal users as we have SSO enabled.


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Asked by Kendall Johnson on Wed 1/13/21 6:22 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 1/14/21 9:23 AM

Hello Kendall,

  1. Yes, you can submit an enhancement request to ask for additional features/changes via this service: https://solutions.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1965/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=2148
  2. Unfortunately no, your second question is not currently possible, but you could submit a separate enhancement to ask for that too. The *logs* for your email monitor would state that an attachment was unable to be added though.
  3. I would recommend manual attachment, yes.
  4. You could reach out to them to ask them to send you/a tech the file directly and attach it for them, or you could allow them to self-register into your environment so they had basic Client-licensed access to access their ticket and manually add the file.
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