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I was wondering how we can associate one ticket to another if they are somehow related to each other? For example, one ticket caused another ticket, or one ticket is a duplicate as another ticket. With our current ticketing system, we would "link" them with each other for tracking purpose. How can we do this in TD?

Many thanks!

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Asked by Sane Vatougios on Tue 12/22/20 3:56 PM
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Mark Sayers Tue 12/29/20 1:05 PM

Hello Sane,

This is being covered in your organization's implementation project currently. If you are not already a member of that project, you can use this service to request to be added to it:

Let me know if you have any questions about gaining access to your implementation project once you've submitted that request.

Mark Sayers
Sr Support Consultant

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This is not an answer. Can we link tickets within the same app or between apps? - Karen Bergmeier Fri 5/14/21 2:29 PM
There is not a direct route to link tickets to other tickets in other applications. You *can*, via the parent/child ticket relationship link to tickets within the same application though. Any linking beyond that would need to be done via a custom attribute where you can just paste in the ID or URL of the ticket needing to be linked to. - Mark Sayers Mon 5/17/21 8:53 AM

David Tod Thu 3/9/23 6:29 PM

Parent/child relationships are described here:

But a simple example might be multiple incident reports gathered together as children under a problem ticket. Another might be multiple changes under a Release.

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Amos Gouaux Thu 3/9/23 5:29 PM

Coming from JIRA, this is a big issue for us. We can only do so in a comment, and that's hardly a means to link related tickets together.

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