Can the "sub-attributes" of person custom attributes (person lookup) be shown on reports?

Hello, is it possible to break out the attributes inside person custom attributes so they can be shown on reports? For instance, can I show the organizational ID of a selected person custom attribute on a ticket report? From testing this it appears that the answer is currently no as I don't see that as option for the report columns, but I wanted to confirm to make sure I'm not missing any possibilities. Thank you.

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Asked by Shenandoah Bennett on Wed 11/25/20 2:40 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 11/30/20 9:25 AM

Hello Shenandoah,

This may depend on what type of report you are running, but if you mean that you'd want this to appear on a ticketing report, then this is not possible. Ticket reports do not expose *all* of the person-related fields of a Requestor. You *can* add in the custom attributes of that Requestor's account to a ticket report, but not all persons associated with the ticket can have their custom person attribute values exposed. In this report's case it only applies to the Requestor's custom person attributes specifically.

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