Ticket Import and Requestor / Responsible User email address

The Ticket Import help says, "... Requestor and Responsible User must be entered in the format "Name <Email>"...".  Is this the Alert/Notification Email?  It seems to be so, but did it change at some point from being the Primary Email address?   Most importantly, is there a way to map the Requestor or Responsible User using the Primary Email address?   

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Asked by David Durling on Thu 10/22/20 12:18 PM Last edited Thu 10/22/20 12:19 PM
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Mark Sayers Thu 10/22/20 12:46 PM

Hello David,

It is looking for the Alert/Notification email address, yes, because if they should need to be notified then it needs the right address (per the user's account in the system) to be used to notify them.

Since we can't guarantee that the Primary Email is necessarily the same as the Alert/Notification address, that would not be a usable address for the purposes of ticket importing.

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ok, thanks Mark! - David Durling Thu 10/22/20 1:49 PM
No problem! - Mark Sayers Thu 10/22/20 1:57 PM