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Is it possible to use the web API to set an attribute value based on a choice made in a previous workflow step?


I know we can pull parameters "From Workflow" but I am not sure how to access my choice or to see the value chosen. I would like to make one method that will set a value based on a user's choice instead of making five hard coded methods to do so.

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Asked by Harrison Dragoo on Fri 7/10/20 2:41 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 7/10/20 3:02 PM

Hello Harrison,

Unfortunately you aren't able to pull from the Choice selection made on a "Choice" type step to determine what to dynamically send in a workflow. Workflow Web Service Methods can pull from the ticket directly or from the results of another web service step in the workflow, and that is all it can pull from.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Mark, I see this answer is 2 years old - does it still hold true? - Annette Howard Thu 3/9/23 11:01 AM
Hi Annette,
Unfortunately it still holds true at this time.
- Mark Sayers Thu 3/9/23 11:31 AM