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I believe that this was asked a while ago, but I am wondering if anything has changed.

We have a request to configure the projects module to be used by people outside of ITS.  IS it possible to create a separate projects portfolio for a group with separate workflows and other measures?  If so, we are also wondering how we would create a second (external) project request form and workflow?

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Asked by Mathew Chandler on Thu 7/9/20 8:40 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 7/9/20 10:57 AM

Hello Mathew,

You can create different portfolios (in Analysis, yes) but the workflow applied is going to be based on your automation rules that you've created for your project requests.

Project request services can be created via the Client Portal service catalog, and you can either build a form for them on the fly as you are creating the service, or go into Admin > Portfolio Planning > Request Forms and build it, then associate that form with the service.

That new service though is *not* going to link to the +New button in TDNext > Portfolio Planning that is baked into the system. That button will always link to the baked-in project request form.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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