KPI desktops for non-TDNext users

We want to share KPI measurements / metrics with our campus. TeamDynamix has the detail that we want to share. We'd like to share some pretty KPI charts (summaries, counts) with narratives. We'd also like it so customers can drill down to get further detail, including all the way down to their ticket detail, if desired. Can TeamDynamix get this for me? If not, what are some of my options? Thanks.

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Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Mon 6/22/20 3:14 PM
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Mark Sayers Mon 6/22/20 7:53 PM

Hello Greg,

You can add reports to a desktop, then make that desktop public and share the URL or embed it in a page. I do not know that it will automatically give you the ability to drill all the way down into a ticket though if you don't already have permission to access the ticketing app in question.

Were you hoping this is all to be done publicly?

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Yes, publicly. What I have seen in the TDX KB is that drilling down is only available for TDNext users. I also want to have a story with the images like what our goals are and how we expect to get to our goals. I'm not sure that TDX can do all that I want. It seems that the metrics that TDX supplies is geared to the insiders (those that have TDNext that can drill down and operationally resolve tickets). Since this seems to be the case (I'm asking my question to verify), then what are my alternatives? What do others do? Pivoting data on spreadsheets? Additional software (Tableau?)? In-house development? I'm trying to see what my alternatives are before I go too far down the wrong path. Thanks! - Greg Van De Mark Tue 6/23/20 9:32 AM
That is correct, drilling down into a ticket will require the user to be signed in and have TDNext + Ticketing app access. The reports we have wouldn't show things like a line or something like that at where you'd want the metric to be at vs where it is now. For that type of thing folks usually hook up either their own reporting system like Tableau or export the report results out to Excel and manually create the charts that they want. We don't have experience with Tableau personally, but our Professional Services folks may be able to connect you with other clients who have used it successfully so you can learn from their experience. - Mark Sayers Tue 6/23/20 9:50 AM
Thanks. I asked previously in the Service Management Advisory Group and didn't get a response. I knew I would get a response from you! Thanks! - Greg Van De Mark Tue 6/23/20 10:14 AM
Sure thing, happy to at least offer advice if I couldn't directly provide a solution! ;) - Mark Sayers Tue 6/23/20 10:18 AM