Sandbox change update to production

I understand that it is possible to make a change in the Sandbox, but, once you are happy with it, you can update production with the change.

My question is how is this done?

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Asked by Mathew Chandler on Mon 6/22/20 3:14 PM
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William Cochran Mon 6/22/20 3:48 PM

Hi Matthew, 

Between our Sandbox and Production instances of your TeamDynamix environment, they do not copy up from Sandbox to Prod. If you made changes and work in Sandbox and like to have that in Production, you would have to manually re-create it in Production. We only copy down from Production to Sandbox environments respectively. If you are non Private Cloud, this is done on a quarterly basis. For more information on our instances and refreshes, please check out this KB: 6357 


William Cochran | TeamDynamix

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Hi William,

I understand that this question was answered in June of 2020, but I was wondering if there have been any changes to this more recently? If not, are there plans to change this in the future so that things can easily be transferred from Sandbox to Production after testing?

Thank you,
Jessica Reinhardt
- Jessica Reinhardt Tue 5/11/21 10:19 AM
I'm not sure people are seeing comments to old questions, but the next version (11.3) is supposed to have some sandbox to production functionality for those items that can't be moved en masse currently. We talk about this in the bi-monthly ITSM and PPM group meetings but I don't think the topic gets into the meeting notes. - Greg Van De Mark Tue 5/11/21 2:19 PM

Michael Press Thu 7/8/21 11:55 AM

I know I heard discussion of at least something, possibly services, being able to be copied from sandbox to production in the TDX Converge conference in June 2021 recently, but I am not finding the release notes mentioning which particular functionality it applies to.

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Hello Michael, the following features are due to be released *sometime* in the near-ish future as 11.3 maintenance release features: The 3 features being: • Copy from Sandbox to Production, • Manage Allocation by Percent, • Elasticsearch for client portal search - Mark Sayers Thu 7/8/21 3:27 PM
Awesome, thanks, Mark! - Michael Press Thu 7/8/21 4:09 PM

Scott Cory Mon 10/11/21 2:18 PM

Hi Mark,  was Copy from Sandbox to Production implemented in 11.3?  I am trying to locate instructions on how to export applications etc. from Sandbox to Production.

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Hi Scott, no it did not make the 11.3 feature list. We will advise when that feature is available. I would first look for it in the 11.4 release notes when they are published, then if it does not make that release check in the maintenance release notes of 11.4 after its release. - Mark Sayers Mon 10/11/21 2:25 PM