Does TDX Allow Multiple Asset Imports?

In TDNext under the Asset/CIs tab we have used the template for hardware but we want to know if there are different asset import templates?

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Asked by Sophia Scott on Fri 6/19/20 2:08 PM
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William Cochran Fri 6/19/20 3:50 PM

Hi Sophia, 

Thanks for the question. In an Asset application, you have a standard Asset template that TeamDynamix provides. This is the best path to use alongside any custom attributes that will appear on the template you would use to import into TeamDynamix. We don't have any specific templates for Assets. If you are looking at loading in Configuration Items (CI) there is a separate import template you can use. Both located in the Import menu of your Assets/CI app. If you don't see it in TDNext in the Assets/CI app, check with your TeamDynamix Admins for access. 

Let us know if you have any additional questions.


William Cochran | TeamDynamix


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