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I'm using a ticketing workflow to have a ticket approved and once approved I want the requestor, a client user, to be notified who approved it and what time it was approved.  That information is in the feed but is private so if I could make it not private that would help.  Or if I could add it to a notification via the ticket workflow but it doesn't look like that information is available to be added to a ticket workflow notification step.

Do you have any suggestions?  

I'm trying to find a simple way for a client user to be notified when their ticket was approved and who approved it.

Thank you

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Asked by Kimberly Lawrence on Fri 5/15/20 3:00 PM
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Mark Sayers Fri 5/15/20 3:04 PM

Hello Kimberly,

Do you have your workflow configured so it changes the ticket's status automatically when the workflow reaches the "Approved" ending? If not, you can just edit the workflow's Details (from that workflow's builder view in Admin) to give it an Approval Status. Having that value will cause the system to automatically notify the Requestor at the point that the workflow reaches that Approved ending, and it should have the date/time info of that approval in that notice.

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Thanks for responding so quickly. I do have that step configured and the notification is being sent but it does not include who the approver was. I’m using a group of people for approvals so that if someone is out of the office there is still someone who can approve the tickets but I need the requestor to know who the approver was.
- Kimberly Lawrence Fri 5/15/20 4:02 PM
There may not be a way to include who the approver was if the last "regular" step of the workflow is not an Approval-type step. I'm guessing that's not the case? - Mark Sayers Fri 5/15/20 4:11 PM
The last step is an approval step. I'm still not sure how that helps me to show who the approver is. - Kimberly Lawrence Fri 5/15/20 9:17 PM
I should think that it should cause their name to show in the delivered "approval" message saying that they completed their step and the workflow/request was approved. Does it not do this? - Mark Sayers Mon 5/18/20 9:10 AM
OK. It does show that. I hadn't seen it before because I'm testing all the steps as myself.

Thank you Mark.
- Kimberly Lawrence Mon 5/18/20 9:24 AM
You're very welcome! - Mark Sayers Mon 5/18/20 9:31 AM