v.11.1 services and Comment button & Feed display

Is there a way to disable the Comment button that's visible to technicians on Service pages in v.11.1?   Similarly, is there a way to disable the Feed on Services that displays for technicians?


David D.

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Asked by David Durling on Wed 5/6/20 3:36 PM
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Answers (2)

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Mark Sayers Wed 5/6/20 4:07 PM

Hello David,

That should be controlled by the same/similar permissions as it requires to be able to see a KB's Feed which is TDNext + access to the app in question. If you're giving them both, they're going to have access to the Feed.

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David Durling Wed 5/6/20 4:37 PM

In this case, it means that any technician with access (even client access) to a portal's Services app will see the Comment & Feed, correct?

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Yes that would be correct. Testing also yields this result. - Mark Sayers Wed 5/6/20 4:48 PM
ok, thanks! - David Durling Wed 5/6/20 4:52 PM