including KB articles in default ticket notifications

Is there a way to get the default system ticket notifications to include any attached KB articles? Seems like it would be extra work to attach them separately and send the user a separate notification. Since KB articles can be linked by default in ticket forms, it seems only logical that those links would be included in notifications.

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Asked by Becky Klein on Tue 3/10/20 11:56 AM
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Mark Sayers Tue 3/10/20 12:39 PM

Hello Becky,

Sure there is. If you open up one of your ticketing notification templates in Admin, you'll see in the drop down list of available tags are some related to the KB.

You'll just have to add your formatting around it, but you can certainly add the KB title and make that a link to the KB if one exists on the ticket so it gets included in ticketing notifications.

Just be sure that if the template is not already active/enabled that you enable it so your customizations are what get used in notifications that go out.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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Hi Mark,

Is it possible to add a knowledge base category to the notification templates, or to the individual service forms? In most cases, we have multiple articles per category, and it's not a straight 1-1 relationship between services/forms/KB articles.

- Becky Klein Fri 3/20/20 4:40 PM
So Ticketing forms only allow for one *article* to be selected at a time. I know they're not always 1:1 and that several articles (or a category even) might be more applicable sometimes, but the system currently only allows you to choose the one article to associate your ticket to. This ought to become an enhancement request in my opinion to ask for a better way to associate more than one article or an entire KB category to a ticket/form. - Mark Sayers Fri 3/20/20 4:43 PM