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This may be answered already, and if so, I'm having trouble finding the answer.

I was asked by a colleague about tickets that don't consistently get workflows applied to them. From what I can tell, the workflow requires 4 criteria, and when the tickets are entered sometimes 3 are met, sometimes all 4. I believe that when all 4 criteria are met, the workflow is applying without problems.

The question is this... for the tickets where only 3 criteria match, but then the 4th one is met after the ticket is edited, will the workflow get applied? Or do all 4 criteria have to be met at the time the ticket is first entered for the workflow to apply?

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Asked by Becky Klein on Thu 2/20/20 9:56 AM
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Mark Sayers Thu 2/20/20 10:26 AM

Hello Becky,

So if a ticket is *created* in a state that doesn't meet all of the requirements for having a configured workflow automatically applied to it (whether that be that the service should have applied it or an automation rule, but it didn't meet the requirements), there is no system that re-analyzes created tickets to see if they suddenly are in a state that would allow the workflow to be applied. Basically, if at creation a ticket didn't meet the criteria to auto-apply a workflow, then someone will need to manually apply it once the ticket has been corrected.

To ensure that a workflow *does* get applied automatically, you can modify your Service or email monitor so it is allowed to match the requestor's email to search for an existing account and if no match is found, then create a Customer record.

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