Creating 'Project Status Reports' with Custom Images


Currently I am ONLY able to use 'Plain text' under 'Project Details -> Update Status -> Comments' to publish project STATUS to the team members. I am looking to create a Custom Report Using Custom Images (for ex: Charts from Excel sheet like Bar, Pie etc). Is there a way to do this? Please let me know!

I saw a old question posted from 2015 on this topic. At that time, this was added to the enhancement queue.



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Asked by Sangita Shandilya on Wed 2/5/20 7:31 PM Last edited Wed 2/5/20 7:57 PM
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Sangita Shandilya Thu 2/6/20 11:39 AM

Hi Mark,

Thanks for quick response. To clarify, I need to create a project report to include 'externally created chart image (or any image for that matter). Please let me know if this helps clarify!

Look forward to your answer.



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TeamDynamix reports cannot currently incorporate images other than TeamDynamix charts/graphs. Anything that originates outside of our system is not able to be included in a report's results table. I'd suggest submitting an enhancement request for this where you can more fully describe the complete use case for why images/externally created charts are needed to be included in a TeamDynamix report. - Mark Sayers Thu 2/6/20 11:45 AM
Thanks Mark for your response. I will think about this and get back with enhancement request if needed.
- Sangita
- Sangita Shandilya Thu 2/6/20 12:54 PM

Mark Sayers Thu 2/6/20 9:32 AM

Hello Sangita,

I'm not sure if your request is totally clear to me. Are you asking if you can create a report that includes a chart, or write a report that results in only a chart of the report's data being displayed?

I will need a bit more detail from you on this question so I will know best how to answer it for you.

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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